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             01 October, 2020

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Success & Positive Thinking - A Champion Turns the "IMPOSSIBLE" Into a "POSSIBILITY"

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2008-09-02 23:47:44     
Article by Mark Bowser

Have you ever felt that something was impossible? Have you ever thought that it couldn't be done? Have you ever said to someone that they didn't understand your situation. That it was different and that is why it can't be fixed? Well, my friend, if you have ever felt that way, then let me ask you a question. Are you sure it is impossible? Or...could it be a POSSIBILITY in the making!

In 721 B.C., King Hezekiah of Jerusalem probably felt he had a mountain that could not be overcome until he was forced into the possibility. Has that ever happened to you? Life throws us a curve where our only option is to choose the possible option. That is what happened to King Hezekiah.

In that year of 721 B.C., King Sennacherib and his mighty Assyrian army began to attack the nation of Israel. His strategy was to conquer the coast and Galilee thereby cutting off Jerusalem's escape routes. Then he would waltz into the mighty city and crush the opposition. Immediately, King Hezekiah called together his leaders to discuss how to deal with this Assyrian threat. He knew Jerusalem was in danger and that they must come up with a defensive strategy.

The first thing they did was to fortify the city walls and build up their armament of weapons. But would that be enough? King Hezekiah knew their most vulnerable spot would be the water supply. If the Assyrians could cut it off then Jerusalem would fall in short order. The only source of water for the city was a spring found at the bottom of a hill outside the protected city walls. How were they to keep it safe? They would have to dig a tunnel through solid rock starting from inside the city wall to the spring.

Meanwhile, Jerusalem was running out of time. The confident Sennacherib and his Assyrian army were advancing swiftly. There wasn't time to dig the tunnel. They would never finish on time. That is when King Hezekiah was forced into his "possibility" option. The Israelites needed two work crews to dig the tunnel, one inside the city wall digging toward the spring and one digging from the spring toward the city wall. It was there only choice to finish before the Assyrians arrived. But how would they ever wind their way through the 1,700 foot long jungle of solid rock and meet each other in the middle? It seemed impossible. All the Israelites could do was believe...and dig.

One morning, just before the Assyrians arrived to attack the city, one of the work crews heard something. What was it? Were their ears playing tricks on them? It sounded like pick axes! It couldn't be...or could it? Amazingly the work crews had dug their tunnels and met in the middle only one foot apart. Because of their protected water supply, Jerusalem withstood the attack and King Sennacherib and the Assyrian army returned home with their tales between their legs.
What have you labeled "impossible" in your life? What have you been negative about? Well, I challenge you to take another look at it with fresh eyes. It may not be as impossible as you think. You might only be one foot away from reaching your dream.

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