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             01 February, 2023


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5 Common Myths about Reiki (Popularity: )
Many people often misunderstand the Reiki or healing with energy. In this article we will be looking into 5 common myths about Reiki and how you can align yourself with the highest degree of healing. 1) Reiki Healing is a Cult or a Religion This is completely wrong. Reiki is all about spirituality; there is nothing religious about it. There isn't any Reiki church or a priest who gives sermons on it. ...

Affordable Health Clubs to assure absolute Fitness and Weight Loss (Popularity: )
If you really want to regain your lost shape, physical exercise is a must. It does not mean to suddenly get up and start performing the shape-up activities. Instead, properly exercising with all the physical activities in presence of a professional trainer is essential to get the desired result. The time period matters a lot. Hence, consult your trainer about the time your body will need to burn the additional ...

Are You Predominantly the Kapha Type? Learn About the Ayurveda Body Type System (Popularity: )
Imbalances in kapha predispose you to diseases of the respiratory system, sinus problems, obesity, tumors, mental and physical lethargy, and a tendency to procrastinate. Kapha is composed of earth and water; water, the main element, is contained within the body's mass, or earth. It governs your body's structure and tissues and maintains stability, cohesion, fluid balance, and biological strength. Kapha types are solid and steady, even-tempered and calm, with impressive ...

Aromatherapy Essential Oils (Popularity: )
How do essential oils work for the body? Essential oils have an instantaneous effect on our sense of smell, called olfaction. Inhalation of these essential oils stimulates receptor cells, and the impulse is transferred to the brain?s emotional center, called the limbic system. Did you know that this limbic system connects to brain areas that are linked to breathing, memory and blood circulation and also to the endocrine glands that regulate levels ...

Asthma Herbal Inhaler (Popularity: )
Asthma inhaler is often a life saver for many asthma sufferers. These devices provide an asthma sufferer with a safety net and can be used when they feel an asthma attack is about to start. Most asthma inhalers you find today are prescribed by a doctor and will contain steroids which help to reduce the inflammation to a person's lung tissue. However, nowadays you can instead try a more natural ...

Bruising and Swelling - Four Easy Ways to Treat Wounds the Gentle Natural Way (Popularity: )
The body experiences many types of trauma or sudden bruising and swelling over the life of the person. Kids are often fall and need pain relief. There are many natural ways to treat simple bruising and swelling from falls and accidents. 1. Clean the wound carefully with soap and water. Cover lightly with a loose bandage so air can help heal the wound. Ice or heat depending on which is comfortable to ...

Causes Of High Cholesterol (Popularity: )
The risk of stroke and heart failure can be increased by high levels of cholesterol. If you do care about your health, and want to stay healthy, then it is recommended that you do not go beyond the desirable cholesterol levels. A desirable cholesterol level is considered to be 200 milligrams per deciliter. Taking a look at the root causes of high cholesterol will help preventing the onset of this ...

Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Endometriosis (Popularity: )
Nutrition and Supplementation Your diet should include at least 50 percent raw fruits and vegetables. Whole grains, nuts, and seeds are recommended as are "green" drinks made from dark green leafy vegetables. Experts recommend limiting the amount of meat and diary products in the diet because these foods increase arachidonic acid which increases inflammation. It is also important to eliminate caffeine and alcohol, dairy products, fried foods, red meats, sugar, salt, junk ...

Depression - Natures Wonder Drug Can Alleviate The Symptoms (Popularity: )
There is a natural compound in nature that is part of the natural food chain and if taken in sufficient quantity has been proven to help patients with depression by providing natural organic help. The drug is also cheap and it’s plentiful and the medical community is only now after hundreds of years, intensifying research in to its medical applications. If you have not guessed what it is? Then read on. The compound ...

Discover Alternative Medicine for Candida (Popularity: )
A question I am often asked by people is this: 'do I have to rely on prescription drugs to relieve candida symptoms or is there alternative medicine for candida that is reliable?' As with most diseases, illnesses or infections that have become common around the world today, we are always looking for a healthier, more natural way to treat them. We seem to trust the "the establishment" less and less. This is ...