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Nursing Home Abuse: An Issue You Should Be Aware Of

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2006-11-11 01:27:36     
Article by Gabriel J. Adams

If you have ever had family members stay in a nursing home you know how big a deal nursing home abuse can be. Staff members at a nursing home have been known to physically and mentally abuse their patients for reasons known only to them. While this problem is rare it can be a serious issue which can lead to injury or death in some cases.

There are some basic steps you can take to ensure that nothing happens to your loved ones in a nursing home. The first is through research. Check out the nursing home and find out if there have been complains in the past regarding their care. You should also check out the employees to make sure that they haven’t ever been abusive to anyone in the past.

The next thing you should find out is weather or not the nursing home is in a safe neighborhood. If the neighborhood is known for violence then there is a chance it could reach your loved ones. This is because a lot of businesses will hire people who live locally.

Add a phone to the person’s room if the room has a phone hookup. This will ensure that they have a way to contact you if something does happen. It might also help prevent abuse because they will know the elderly has a way to contact help if they need it.

Try to talk with some of the elderly who live in the nursing home. If they suspect that there is abuse or if they have firsthand experience you know you don’t want your loved one staying there.

If the proper steps are taken nursing home abuse can be stopped. If you think someone you know is going through this type of abuse or if you think a staff member at a nursing home is abusive, call the proper authorities. With the right kind of care and awareness elderly abuse in nursing homes can be prevented.

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