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             24 January, 2021

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Strategies to skip high cholesterol levels

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2013-05-07 00:39:51     
Article by Alli Mack

Effective maintenance of the cholesterol levels in the body are said to be extremely essential for living healthy. This leads to the proper preservation of the health & prevent it from getting deteriorated due to the cause of a variety of ailments. Possessing high levels of cholesterol in the body which is designated as bad cholesterol & even having lower proportions of good cholesterol leads to adverse problems that include cardiovascular disease, stroke, and hypertension (commonly termed a high blood pressure) & other associated complications.

The appropriate amount of cholesterol is produced by the liver which is necessary for the effective functioning of the body. The concept of dietary cholesterol is present in a variety of animal products & these are a rich source of saturated fats. These are the main components for accelerating the rates of cholesterol in the blood & this is designated as serum cholesterol.

Following are a few steps that help to lower the cholesterol & if tried can help to live a disease-free life:

1. Consume more fish:
Physicians recommend that people must consume fish at least twice a week. This is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that are potential for conservation of a healthy heart. These mainly include the fatty types which involve tuna, mackerel, salmon & many more. People are suggested not to consume the frozen categories of fish.

2. Nuts are essential:
These are said to be the structural sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Nuts involve almonds, walnuts, pistachios & these must be consumed in the natural forms. If these are consumed when coated with sugar or salt or some other garnishing agents leads to the ruining of the positive impacts that are to be received by the body.

3. Fresh fruits & vegetables:
When a person incorporates fresh fruits & vegetables in his daily diet, it leads to the supply of all the essential nutrients that are required by the body & even supporting the protection of the heart. When any food is consumed fresh, it creates a positive impact on the health rather than consuming it in the frozen & processed forms. Canned foods are also an appropriate alternative as they do not contain sugar & syrup preservatives.

4. Essentiality of the whole grains:
Whole grains & brown bread are two different concepts which people actually misunderstand while associating issues with health. Bread, whether white or brown are not a proper option for the body. Whole grains contain efficient nutrients that lead for the proper regulation of the different organs.

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