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             26 October, 2020

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Why Natural Hair Treatment is better to stop hair loss

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2012-11-06 00:22:24     
Article by Kylie Collins

In present time, natural hair treatments are gaining edge of over hair replacement surgeries and hair transplants. This is for a multitude of reasons. In a fast paced life, maintaining healthy hair is difficult as there are lifestyle factors and social causes leading to degeneration, thinning and shedding of scalp hair. Natural formulas delivering the best of results for hair growth are the present demand among men and women suffering from patchy or complete hair loss. Hair tonics made from Himalayan herbs and other natural ingredients are offering ground breaking results, whereas in the surgical process of hair growth, there is hospitalization cost involved as well as undergoing a time consuming process.

Hair replacement done in natural ways will result in hair enhancement without any side effects. Using harsh chemicals on the scalp for hair regrowth has multiple side effects and this should be avoided in any way. Caring about the psychological stress that premature hair loss can cause, hair clinics in New Zealand are offering expert advice with high success rates and without the use of harsh chemicals on your scalp. Getting to the root of your hair is a 100% natural lotion that will help in restoration to bring back your bouncing fringes. The professional team of experts, will advice on maintenance of your hair and will decide on the best natural hair treatments for you. The hair replacement and regrowth method is revolving around applying a tonic made from Himalayan herbs and ayurvedic ingredients. The non-synthetic lotion is without any side effects and thus can be used by patients undergoing chemotherapy as well. Your hair roots receive nourishment and will work rapidly in increasing your hair line.

In case of surgical hair transplants success rates are often in doubt and in most cases a longer course of medication and treatment is necessary post surgery. This however is not the case when chosing natural treatment processes. After a hair analysis is done, your treatment will start and a check up will be scheduled every 3 months. Above 80 per cent of the patients getting treated at the SRS Hair Clinic have rated the natural hair products excellent and have achieved the desired results within a short span of time. At SRS Hair Clinic the hair regrowth and progress is documented and referenced to photographs taken during the treatment process.

The advantages of using the natural Healthy Hair Tonic include a fast acting product, rapid growth of scalp hair, reducing extensive hair loss over time and scientifically proven and advanced results in strengthening of the hair roots.

No more wigs! Make an appointment at SRS Hair Clinic for a microscopic hair analysis for $30 or buy the natural Healthy Hair tonic direct. You need to call 0800 348 616 for your consultation and expert advice.

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