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Bikini Waxing - A Guide to Your First Time Bikini Wax

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2006-12-27 00:46:41     
Article by Paton Jackson

Summer is approaching, and with it memories of everlasting itching, ingrown hairs and bloodspots. Memories that may be making you wonder if it isn’t time you found the courage for a bikini wax. You may be weighing the thought of four glorious weeks of smooth skin, plus a bit of pain, against frequent shaving and all its joys.

If you choose a bikini wax, make sure it’s not a last-minute decision. Last-minute holidays might be spontaneous and fun but a last minute bikini wax will make you red and sore for the beach. Bikini waxing should be done at least 24 hours before you wear a bikini.

Another no-no is doing a first time bikini wax yourself. Go to a salon. They spend all day waxing bikini lines and a good one will be quick and efficient. When you arrive at the salon make sure you tell the technician exactly what you want. For example, if you want a high bikini line, make that clear.

The first thing they’ll do is to trim your pubic hair – if they haven’t asked you do so before you arrive. Then warm wax is then applied to the bikini line area with a wooden stick. Next, warm strips are placed over the wax. When the wax is hard the strips are pulled away and with them hair and dead skin cells.

It should all be over with pretty quickly – within 15 to 20 minutes. As for the pain, if you’ve ever waxed your legs, you’ve probably already got a fair idea of how much it’ll hurt. If not, you should know that reports range from uncomfortable to very painful. The good news is that you’ll be given some soothing cream or lotion, which should help. When it’s over, head for home and put on some loose-fitting underwear and clothes when you get there. Your bikini wax should last from four to six weeks.

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