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5 Tips For Parents Returning To School Part Time

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2012-03-06 01:18:37     
Article by Henry Griffin

The little ones are returning to school, and so are you. You see your MBA in the horizon and can imagine what it is going to do for your career. If only you knew how to get through your chosen MBA program without allowing things to fall apart at home. That is the biggest challenge for a parent going back to school: balancing the children and potentially a spouse with the demands of work and now education.

Take a deep breath and realize that many other parents have made it through part time MBA programs without complete chaos in their family lives and without losing their full time jobs. That means you could do it as well! The following five tips will help you along.

1. Make your family feel as if they are a part of the decision to go back to school.

You may have already made up your mind to go back to school, but it isn't too late to make the family feel like they are a part of this decision making process. Sit them down individually or as a group and ask what they think about the idea. Tell them your worries and fears and assure them that you love them and will still be around, but this is important to you. If they know you are depending on their support, they are more likely to give it to you.

2. Focus on organization at the office, at school, and at home.

The better organized you are in all aspects of life, the easier it will be to get through your part time MBA program. As a parent, you probably know that packing lunches and laying out clothing the night before saves time in the morning so no one is late. You will need a lot of this foresight when organizing your life so you don't waste time while in school. Your home may already be optimized for efficiency, but how organized are you at work? Could you possibly organize your work better to make time for studying during the day?

3. Be prepared for the modern world of education.

Your part time MBA program may not be an online program, but there are going to be many differences from when you were last in school. Technology is being used in the classroom more today than ever before. You may want to brush up on your Powerpoint skills and enable texting on your cell phone. Be prepared to turn papers in through email, rather than printed copy. The changes are easy to adjust to, but they are shocking for some at first.

4. Don't skip orientation.

Don't assume you know it all and ditch the orientation for your program. You will learn some things that can help you organize life during your studies easier. This information may also make you a better student.

5. Get realistic about your time commitments from the start.

The worst thing parents experience is starting the program full of excitement and high hopes, only to discover that things are more complicated than they thought. Get real about the amount of time you can dedicate to study and whether you can make it to classes on time. When you are honest about the obstacles, you can come up with creative solutions ahead of time. This makes getting through your program much easier.

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