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             20 March, 2023

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How To Help Your Child To Improve Reading Skills

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2012-01-14 01:19:44     
Article by Robert Garcia

Reading is a basic, yet a very critical skill that each of us should be well versed on. It is a fundamental skill needed for us to learn more and have a better understanding about the world we live in. That is why reading is taught to children even at very young ages, because we want to pass the knowledge we have to them. The ability to read and understand enables them to acquire new skills and information which can be their light and guide towards success.

One of the hardest parts a parent faces is to see their children struggle. No matter how much we want our kids to be trained, it is tough for us to see them struggle, especially in reading. We are conscious that the problem in this skill may also mean that they may be struggling in their studies as well. Because we love them, as much as possible, we would always want to alleviate them in such problems. We look for strategies to improve reading skills. We may carry out our own research and look into on basic reading and comprehension or better strategic methods and use them in our youngsters.

One of the things that you may do is to read with them often. It is highly recommended that you do this on a fixed schedule, maybe before bedtime. Remember, age is not a factor here. You can do this activity regardless of your child's age. Moreover, this is quite a good activity that both of you can share. It can actually be your family time affair. Make group discussions every after reading time and check if your kids did really understand what has been read.

Having your own study room is always a good idea where you can pack it in with a variety of reading materials and publications such as newspapers, magazines and tons of books. You can also add posters of different things such as show lists, journey facts, weather reports or road signs. Repeated stay and visit in this part of the house is a brilliant method of helping him or her to cultivate the library habit. Let them have interest on these printed resources, build up curiosity and learn.

You may also want to try out other forms of reading materials, not just books. Reading computer software, recordings or CDs are good tools to help your kids improve reading skills. These usually contain electronic books for them to read or a virtual tutor that can guide and teach them. There are kids that are afraid to start to read a book because of difficulty. There might be words that they cannot read and pronounce. With the virtual instructors, they can overcome this fear and the problem as well. Audio books are good tools as well. It lets your kids read while listening to the same book. As they hear the words together and see them as well, you are reinforcing them sight-word recognition. In addition to that, they are also increasing their vocabularies.

On no account fall short to observe and record your child's improvement. As they mature and grow, it is necessary that you improve your reading materials and your techniques to improve reading skills. Be cautious about unnoticed reading problems. Monitor vigilantly if there are struggles in reading, comprehension or decoding terms. And if there are, find time and correct these with the appropriate measures.

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