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             10 June, 2023

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How personal injury law Connecticut helped me?

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2011-10-09 23:13:13     
Article by jett day

Accidents just occur. You never know when a ray of unfortunate falls on you and you are in dismay for a time period. Sometime this dismay can be for a longer time period, which would overcast your life like dark clouds on the clear sky.

This happened to me, when I and my wife were going to market on foot. We were talking and enjoying our walk on the road side. We were on our side, so we had no fear of hitting by any car or any vehicle. We had to purchase some things from nearby store so we decided to walk rather than going on our personal car. Reason being market is not much far from our place. My wife was walking with me but suddenly money from her purse fell down and she stopped on the way to pick her purse. That was the worst moment for me when a rash car driver hit me. It happened all of a sudden that we all could not comprehend that what had happened. But in a few minutes I was bleeding from my right leg. The driver was caught and all the necessary help was there in just in ten minutes. I was taken to the hospital. The person who was driving was put into jail. But this was not enough because of injury I could not walk my way to my office. This was the worst thing happened to me. I did not know how much compensation I would claim and how much I would get. When I was in hospital, my wife was afraid from taking the help of personal injury law Connecticut, but I persuaded her to go to the attorney for taking advice about the personal injury law Connecticut. Before going to the attorney office; my wife was too much scared. She was not aware of the laws much; still she prodded to the office of the attorney. There she discussed the case of Personal injury attorney ct. I do remember her confidence, when she came back from the law office. I had not seen that smile for days, so I felt relived. She told me that the team members of law office were too much co-operative and they listened and promise to sort out the case in a better way, with nice compensation amount.

After that personal injury attorney ct helped us to come out of the problem and now I am living a normal life after that injury as a happy man again.

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