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             31 October, 2020

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Immigrate To Canada Without The Services Of Legal Advisers - Don't Be Lazy

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2010-09-28 08:35:32     
Article by Sofia Anastasiou

In this article I will try to analyze why people are so lazy to do something for themselves, but at the same time they are ready to work like slaves for somebody else. I am talking for people mostly from Asian and African countries. I don't want to say that they are ''second class'' people, no they are like the others, but this is their mentality.

In order to understand what I want to say, I will give you just few examples in the area that I am working on. The Immigration consultancy and foreign student recruitment.

Every single day I have contacts with people from those countries that want to move to another country for studies, work, and visit or immigrate permanently. I am trying to help them in different ways giving them instructions and what they have to do in order to speed up the procedure, etc. The result, they contact me in few days (if not the same day) and they ask me to do everything for them. In some cases, it is possible to be done but in other they have to take action as well.

Let's say immigration to Canada. I am doing this business for some time now and find out that if the applicants are not involved in the whole procedure the result is REJECTION. Even the Canadian Immigration authorities, encourage the applicants to apply by themselves and not using Legal Representative. This is because in the application forms, there are many details that must be filled in and when the time for the interview comes if you are not the one that filled in the forms, they may ask you a question and you wouldn't be able to answer. Just few wrong answers and here is the Rejection.

So I have done some research and found out the perfect tool. It is an online program and book that guidelines you step-by-step throughout the whole procedure. It is very simple and very helpful, and I tried to use it with my candidates for immigration to Canada. I just give them the website where they can find it and tell them to read everything there and watch the video tutorials for better description.

Unfortunately the result is again the same, they call me and they say that they are willing to pay a lot of money for their visa, that they want it 100% guaranteed and they ask me to do all the job instead of them.

First of all I tell them that I am not the visa issuing authority and I can not give them any kind of guarantee for their visa, nor anyone else can do so. Then I try to explain them that there are a lot of details that must be filled in the forms and only they can do so. Then I try to explain them that if they do not get familiar with the whole procedure, during the interview they will fail to answer the questions, I also try to explain them that when the time for the final decision comes (the interview), they will be the one that questions are asked and not me. Unfortunately the result is the same, they insist somebody else to do all the work and when the visa is ready to inform them. This thing is legally impossible.

So after spending some time analyzing all this situation I concluded that it is their mentality that makes those people think that way. And all this is because of the conditions they live in. The country political system, where all the time those people are told that they are poor, that they can not go up in the society, that they have to serve the rich people, that they can not get educated and move from one social class to another. It is all called political depression. And believe me it exists now in 21st century in many countries. Those people have to understand that all humans are equal and that if they try and put their best absolutely everyone can immigrate to better country or go for higher studies or just visit another country. In my case the better country is Canada, and I have discovered the ultimate tool to make the dream of those people reality.

Take a look at My Immigration Consultant to determine if I am right or wrong.


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