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Things to know about appliance repairs

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2011-03-24 02:35:48     
Article by Jason Davis

In addition to the protection of an appliance warranty many manufacturers, dealers and appliance repair service shops offer service contracts. Their worth depends on the kind of appliance to be covered, its age and reliability, and your own ability to maintain it or to find an appliance repair service when you need one. Before you sign up, however, make sure that you understand exactly what you are getting. These contracts are not standardized, and generally their terms depend on the machinery involved — whether it is an appliance or a permanently installed home system. There are two basic kinds of appliance repair contracts.
Appliance Maintenance Contracts can be useful for complex installations like an oil or gas heating plant. For an annual fee the dealer who sold you the appliance, an independent appliance repair service representative or a fuel supplier will provide a yearly appliance repair tune-up and inspection. These appliance repair experts have specialized testing instruments and tools for checks and adjustments, and should some major appliance repair be necessary, the know-how to do it. Repair Contracts usually run a year. The premium rate, low at first, rises as the appliance ages. Most fit into three categories:

The unlimited contract—the most expensive—covers repairs, parts and labor charges. It may also include annual inspections.

The fixed-call contract allows a set number of service calls per year. If your appliance needs more service, you pay for it.

The deductible contract, usually the least costly, requires you to pay for repairs up to a fixed yearly sum. If you exceed that sum, the appliance repair contractor absorbs the cost.

Suppose, for example, an electric water heater supplies water, but not hot water. That fact automatically rules out all the subsystems that involve the water supply the trouble lies with those concerning heat and electricity. After you have checked the elementary things —the main power supply, the circuit breaker or fuse, the thermostat settings—the next step is the first control subsystem, the two thermostats. A simple continuity test tells you whether one of them is keeping electricity from reaching the power subsystem—the heating element. If both thermostats are operating properly, go on to examine the element. Both your checklist and your efforts of analysis may fail; you cannot always avoid calling an appliance repair service. But you can make your call more effective by describing the appliance's failure symptoms—usually by reporting on the evidence of your senses —to give a service technician a head start. Once you understand how a large appliance works (and all makes of a particular appliance operate according to the same general principles), you will be ready to use your knowledge, your skill and the contents of your toolbox effectively and efficiently.

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