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             08 December, 2021

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Tips on Using Carpet Cleaners for Auto Detailing

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2009-12-07 05:08:59     
Article by Lauren Z

Mainly two types of machines are used in auto detailing: pressure washers and carpet cleaners. Pressure washers are used for cleaning the exteriors of an automobile, such as the engine parts and metallic body. Carpet cleaners, or carpet extractors, are used to clean the internal areas of automobiles, such as the carpets, floor mats, and seat upholstery.

Why There Is No Single Machine for Auto Detailing?

Many people ask this question: Why do suppliers not provide a single machine that can be used to clean both the interiors and exteriors surfaces of an automobile? There is a simple reason for this. These two very different types of surfaces require different levels of cleaning power. A pressure washer used on the vehicle's interior would damage upholstery and leave carpets too wet to dry in a reasonable amount of time.

On the other hand, carpet cleaners are inherently not suitable for cleaning hard surfaces of automobile parts and components. The extraction capabilities are designed to remove stains from deep within carpet fibers, an entirely different surface than an automobile's painted exterior. Top suppliers often offer a combo promotion, allowing auto detailers to purchase both a pressure washer and a carpet cleaner at one low price.

If you are considering the purchase of a carpet cleaner alone, here are some useful tips to guide in you in finding the right machine

Know Your Requirements

You need to be perfectly aware of your requirements. Heated and non-heated carpet cleaners are available to handle applications with varying degrees of difficulty. For example, heated carpet extractors are ideal for the most challenging interior car cleaning applications.

Opt for Devices that Use Less Water

There are two important considerations for auto detailing. The first is the quantity of water used in the process and the second is the times required for the surface to completely dry.

The general rule is to use low quantities of water. This reduces wastage of water and frees the operator from the burden of finding a suitable place where sufficient facilities for water run-off are available.

Moreover, using less quantities of water reduces the drying time required for the surface. For any auto detailing professional with limited storage space for vehicles to dry, drying time is paramount.

For ensuring that the quantity of water used is low and the drying time is as short as possible, one has to opt for a carpet cleaner equipped with low flow technology. This makes sure that very low quantities of water are used for auto detailing. As a result, wastage of water is low and the drying time is short - often as low as two hours.

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