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             08 July, 2020

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Filing NJ Divorce and Legal Separation Papers: Top 3 Mistakes. Morris Somerset Union SussexCounty

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2010-12-27 06:57:14     
Article by Alimony

Not understanding the implications of the date you file the Complaint for Divorce.<br/>
People often put little thought into the date that they file the Complaint for Divorce; however, the date you file is important. For example, if your spouse continues to contribute to a 401K plan after the filing of the Complaint for Divorce, then you, the non-contributing party, will lose any share of your interest in the post-filing contributions. The post-filing contributions to the 401K asset are now exempt from distribution. In other words, the filing date of the Complaint for Divorce fixes a cut-off date for equitable distribution of the 401K. You should discuss the specifics of your divorce with an experienced.

NJ divorce lawyer to determine what assets in your divorce will be exempt upon the filing of the Complaint and which will not.

Once you have made the difficult decision to file for divorce, it is critically important that you retain a New Jersey Certified Matrimonial Attorney. A lawyer who is Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Attorney not only has vast experience, but also superior State mandated credentials. Also, if the attorney offers a free initial consultation, take the time to talk with them to make sure you would feel comfortable working with them.

To help educate you about the New Jersey (NJ) divorce and legal separation process, I have created one of the most comprehensive web-sites on the internet related to divorce and family law matters. For additional articles about this topic or to download a free copy of my divorce guide, visit my web-site at ="http://www.weinbergerlawgroup.com/

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