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What is solar energy?

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2010-12-22 06:41:20     
Article by Solar China

It is important that you understand exactly what solar energy is. Wikipedia defines solar energy as "energy from the sun in the form of heat and light"

when you use the term solar energy,you are actually referring to two different types of energy:heat and light.

Each type of solar panel is designed to work either with the sun's heat,or the sun's light.

For homeowners today,there are two types of solar panels,These are solar electric(Otherwise known as photovoltaic)Solar electric panels work with the sun's light. Solar electric panels create electricity from the sun's light that can be used to power your appliances-lights,fridge,etc.

And there are solar hot water panels,Solar hot water panels use the sun's heat to heat the water for your shower,kitchen,etc.

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