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             20 March, 2023

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Points To Consider While Choosing Video Surveillance Systems

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2012-06-07 02:46:08     
Article by Jhonthon Trot

There are about a thousand (if not more) varieties of video surveillance systems in the market. those days are gone when the systems were just introduced to the public at large and one had to do with the single available model, or let go of the option if the price did not suit the pocket, or the system was not built in for the purpose people wanted it for. today, with unbelievable improvement in technology and science, the surveillance cameras have also undergone evolution, leaving most of the everyday 9 to 5 people confused about what to choose and what not to choose. Should you go for the awesome looking system with out of the world technology (which will also break your bank) or, should you simply settle for one of those convenience systems that would offer black and white but, more or less, clear footages of all that is happening around the perimeter (that too restricted to the day light hours)?

Choosing Surveillance camera systems in the present day market can be confusing. Thus, in the coming pages, we will discuss some ways by which your selection can be made easier. To begin with, do a market survey and determine the lowest and the highest price that you will have to pay for a decent surveillance system. Then determine in this range how much you are willing to spend for security surveillance of your home. say you have settled with amount X, because that is all the expense you can manage at the moment for a new installment. Now, with amount X in your mind, look for the following features in the system that you choose.

• Weather resistance – If you are living in one of those places that experience extreme climatic conditions, like excessive heat in the summers, thunder storms, hail and rain, extreme chill during the winters etc, you must ensure that your chosen system is weather proof. This will ensure that the system does not crash when weather conditions are too much to tolerate.

• Night vision – It is imperative that your surveillance camera system has night vision facilities. Most crimes are committed at night when it is too dark to identify or locate the miscreants. With night vision, you cameras will be able to record almost every action with precise clarity even in pitch dark conditions. If you have just bought a system without night vision, check if it allows external Infrared attachments.

• Remote viewing facility – If you are a frequent traveler, or are a working parent who has to leave children home while you are out, ensure that your video surveillance system has remote viewing facility. With this facility, you can use the screen of your smart phone or laptop as the monitor and can check the footages even from a great distance.

There are many more facilities that you can look for in your system, keeping in mind, the amount X, that you had decided upon. Remember, a set that comes dirt cheap is not worth a penny.

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