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             24 November, 2020

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How Can a Christian Stop Masturbating? 3 Secrets to Help You Finally Move On

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2010-07-29 07:10:57     
Article by Larry Charlston

If you are struggling with the act of masturbation as a christian, you are not alone. I understand how frustrating it can be to put your faith and prayers in your God and still be confused as to why you can't move on from such a tendency. Feelings of guilt, strong frustration, overbearing secrecy, fear and lack of control may bombard you but many others have been there. You are not alone!

In this article I am going to cover a few very simple points about what can help a Christian stop masturbating after they've already addressed the issue in their own way. This article is not intended to teach spiritual beliefs but instead is an aid for those who want something to assist them in a way that will work in accordance to their faith. A few of the points below will greatly assist you with overcoming and alleviating this burden. These points will help anybody improve their ability to conquer the act of masturbating once and for all.

#1 Exercise Faith and Belief in the Miracle but Believe in The Process too!

Too many times we get down on ourselves and only have faith in the miracle of the end result. This restricts the recognition of the miracle of the process. Whether you are a christian or not, you still need faith in order to trust in your actions. As a Christian you'll take that faith further but you must always believe in the miracle of the process but understand it's a process. If we don't forgive ourselves as we're in this process we restrict the healing potential. We carry this burden everywhere we go and it only worsens the situation.

All humans tend to look for a magic overnight pill. You must realize that as a christian if you want to stop masturbating, you must have faith in the process and forgive yourself along the way as you supplement your religious actions with proven sources of action.

#2 Talk to A Friend or Fellow Christian That You Can Trust. Chances Are You are not Alone.

You are not alone my friend and speaking to someone personally can do wonders for your mindset! By talking to someone you trust, you alleviate a huge amount of undue burden you might be carrying around. If you haven't alleviated that burden, you might tend to bask in guilt and shame and only focus on the negative behavior. This actually indirectly programs our mind to engage in the behavior even more, defeating the underlying intention of forsaking. There are also amazing programs and forums you can access to help you connect with others struggling on the internet and experience much of this relief. Take real action!

#3 Study True Methods And Proven Resources To Supplement the Recovery Process

By studying how the mind and body works from a proven source you will gain additional strength beyond failed methods of the past. There are endless tricks, strategies and psychological adjustments you will be able to make after modeling those who have struggled with this behavior and have overcome it! Success leaves clues!

At http://www.saynotoporn.info you'll locate what I consider to be the best program on the internet for those dealing with pornography and masturbation addictions. Take actions now by investing in some sort of educational program that you can renew yourself with. This program provides support and solutions by experts that assists you long-term.

If you never get help answering the question How can a Christian stop masturbating you may continually get frustrated due to the lack of proven resources.

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