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How to Beat Video Game Addiction

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2009-09-03 01:36:05     
Article by HyunSoung Kim

Video game addiction means that people are excessively playing computer games rather than attending real life events. With simple words video games are getting the most important part in a daily life. While many people think that video game addiction is foolish and the medical community is debating about if it is a serious problem, in the world it is destroying people's lives.

How serious is it?

Across the world there have been numerous death connected issues. Many addicts died because of playing a game continuously for a very long period of time. Also some addicts killed other people because of many reasons such as need for money to buy items in games or getting angry because other people stole or sold their item in-game. There have been cases of a father killing his child because of breaking their game console or game.

Symptoms which are connected to game addiction both for adults and children...

- Having headaches

- Forgetting about personal hygiene or eating

- Easily getting angry when not playing games

- Huge credit bills because of on-line services

- Feeling most happy while playing games

- Ability to play it for a very long time without stopping

- Main topic while interacting with others

- Constantly thinking about it

- Main way to spend time while you are not working or in school

- Lying about usage of computer games

- Rather playing games than seeing friends

- Worsening in the school

- Feeling tired in school and other social groups like sports or some clubs

Basically it is exchanging the real world with the fantasy world in games. There are many possible ways to beat the addiction, but its the best if all the ways are used.

Feel the crucial need to change...

Be aware that it is destroying the life which is lived only once, make the decision to change and see the benefits which could be gained later. You can try many different ways to overcome the addiction but if you don't personally make the decision to get rid of it nothing will work. Many times it takes years or months to realize it but sometimes it takes seconds or moments.

Don't go back to the dark road...

Once you stopped and got rid of the addiction from your life don't try to try again. If you think that only 5 minutes will not harm, you are making a big mistake the urge and the feelings will come again to hunt you down. You must stay confident and disciplined and act to it.

Create a new hobby or get interested to other activity...

There are too many things to discover, try or learn. Realize how the time is precious and what you were able to do and learn instead of trying to beat one more level while you know that it doesn't get you any benefits. Get the feeling that you could have trained another martial art, learned another language, another instrument or even found your soul mate outside.

Forget and get rid of your games and connect with old friends or make new ones...

Even if you stopped playing games the feeling of the urge to play again will come from time to time. Destroy all games and if you have friends that still play, either cut the contact or tell them to not talk about games. Now re-connect with your real friends, you will find out that they have developed really much while you have been playing unnecessary games. You can even make new friends, the world and options are unlimited.

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