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             03 December, 2021

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How to Work Faster With Microsoft Excel

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2010-07-22 07:28:58     
Article by Herb Leibacher

If you work with Microsoft Excel, there are things that you can be doing that will help you get more work done in the program. There are simple tricks that you can be using that will help you get more work done when working in Excel. Find out what these are so that you can be more productive.

Learn the keyboard shortcuts for the program. If you are using the shortcuts, you can cut down on time to do the same tasks over and over. Using the mouse to point and click is not as efficient as using a few simple keyboard commands. This skill alone will set you apart in your productivity using Excel.

Get a second monitor. Excel tends to take up quite a bit of space. Having a second monitor will let you see more of the spreadsheet. It also allows you to use a document in one windows while using your spreadsheet in the other. This is better than having to go back and forth between two windows on the same screen.

Make sure your computer doesn't have any errors or problems like viruses. These types of things will slow you down. Over time, you are wasting quite a bit of time if you have to wait on things to load because of your computer.

Browse the add-ons available for Excel. You might not always find something but at times you will find add-ons that will help you with what you are doing so that you can get more work done because it will make the program easier to use.

Save often. If you lose your work, you have to start over. Be sure that you do what you can to make sure everything is saved when you make edits.

Set the AutoFormat feature to be formatting the way that your work requires. This is better than using the default and having to then change things later.

Read tutorials or books on Excel. The more you know about the program, the faster you will get things done in it.

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