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             01 February, 2023

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Send flower to Pakistan, with the same freshness and within the same time frame

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2010-07-10 07:25:22     
Article by Winiza Tauqeer

When it comes to flowers, Pakistan is home to many spectacular flower species. Almost all of the famous and important flower species are cultivated in Pakistan. This is mainly because of the reason that Pakistan has almost all types of soil and land coupled with all types of weather. Winter, summer, autumn, spring, evergreen, seasonal, marine, pond, lake, fresh water, temperate, tropical, desert, etc. all varieties of flowering plants are grown in Pakistan. For species that our climate does not support, people have built Farm houses and Green houses. However, the most favorite flowers are: red rose, other roses, sunflower, daisies, orchids, daffodils, carnations, marigold, blue bells, Jasmine, tube roses and tulips.

Almost no party or function is complete in Pakistan without flowers. They are essential parts of all celebrations. Wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, death anniversaries, funerals, Eids, Jashsn-e- bharan, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Teacher's day, Valentine's Day................., can never be thought about without flowers.
Red rose is the regarded as wedding flower, Pakistan wide. Brides love to wear red roses in their hair styles and rose made bangles on Barat. On the Mehndi and Ubtan functions, dark yellow colored flowers coupled with Motia and roses are the favorite flowers. Brides are dressed in yellow, orange and dark green costumes. Matching jewelry, made of fresh flowers is preferred. Moreover, close friends and relatives of brides also wear bangles made up of fresh flowers. For decoration purpose, pink and red roses are combined with off white flowers and green accessories. Nowadays, thematic decoration is more common. Florists decorate wedding venues according to the wedding day and preferences of the customers.

White roses and all types of other white flowers are regarded as death flowers in Pakistan. For Mother's day, we have Pink Carnations and roses; for Valentine's Day we have red roses and for teacher's day we have tulips and daffodils. Since recent past, a flourishing flower industry has got established in Pakistan. We have many local and international florists and flower stores all around Pakistan. Online flower industry has also started inserting its importance over a few past years. Many local, national and international online flower stores have appeared on the canvass. They ensure to send flower to Pakistan, with the same freshness and within the same time frame. They have connections with all the local and international flower store keepers. The send flowers to Pakistan wide with the help of theses florists. Generally, they refer the order to the closest flower store to the recipient. This industry is really making progress by leaps and bounds in Pakistan.
We have almost all types of flowers, Pakistan wide. When it comes to the National flower, Pakistan has Jasmine for this title. Flowers are essential parts of all of our important occasions. We have many local and international florists and flower store keepers who send flowers to Pakistan, demanded whenever and wherever. Many online flower stores are also operating in Pakistan ready to send flower to Pakistan, covering every nook and corner of the country.

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