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             28 September, 2023

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Promote yourself and your brand with Silicon Bracelet of Promobrace

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2015-09-21 11:35:48     
Article by Aline Pontin

Wearing bracelet has been a style statement as well as religious, cultural and occult mystical practice for thousands of years. The tradition goes back to the pre-historic times when Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Sumerian, Chinese and Indus valley civilizations flourished. In those times as archeological evidence suggests, people irrespective of gender used to wear bracelet on their wrist made ofgold, bronze or copper. Human civilization as come a long way since those ancient times, but more the things change, more they remain the same. As the saying goes style is permanent, while fashion is ephemeral. Thus suddenly wearing wristbands or bracelet has become a style among the young generation, once again irrespective of gender. But the motive behind the style statement has undergone a sea change. While in earlier times ostentatious display of wealth, religious belief, cultural underpinnings and astrological predictions were the overriding motive behind wearing the bracelet, in modern times fashion, promotion, parties, events, fundraising and espousal of causes has become the preeminent predilection behind gracing the bracelet.

The nature of the Bracelet has also changed. Originally, made of metals like gold, copper, bronze and even steel, the bracelet has transcended to silicon. Silicon is the most pliable, flexible, versatile, yet durable metal known to mankind and is revered worldwide for its excellent conduction properties, due to presence of loose electrons in the metal’s atomic structure, for which it is used extensively as semiconductor of microchips and microprocessors in mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc.

Promobrace is a Italian company, which has extensive and intensive knowledge of Silicon, which they use in making silicon bracelets. Due to the pliable, flexible, versatile and most durable nature of Silicon, the Silicon bracelets manufactured by Promobrace, known in Italian as Braccialetti in silicone, are adapted depending on your mark, message and color. The company offers a wide range of colors and patterns, ensuring that one of them will meet your initiative, disclosure of events, social projects or fundraising. These Braccialetti in silicone are colored, then engraved in bas-relief, high relief or put for screen printing, pad printing or made to glow in the dark with gloss or made translucent according to the choice and need of the customer. Braccialetti in silicone are also available in multicolored shades embossed with logos or messages and are made from 100% silicon.

Promobrace also produces customized bracelets with logos, known in Italian as Braccialetti con logo which can be of various types, viz. bracelets that roll/slap, bracelets with led, bracelets with RFID chips, bracelets with metal finish and bracelets with pen drives. Bracelets that roll/slap are those Braccialetti con logo which are easy to wear, prominent to the naked eye and are found in various colors and sizes, with logos of your choice marked all over it, and are found in vinyl, silicon, fabric and velvet forms. Bracelets with LED are a revolutionary new way to attract the public to your events, and attract the crowd in a way never seen before. The bright bracelets can have your logo which can be used for festivals, parties, sporting events, corporate events, etc. They have a wide variety of colors and can operate with remote control that emits a radio signal to the bracelet or get activated by sound, movement or via the on / off button. The other form of Braccialetti con logo is those fitted RFID chip, which comes with unique identification number, so that logos of big Multi-National Companies don’t get lost or misused in big promotional events. Another form of Braccialetti con logo is those made of silicon with metal finish. The logo herein can be both engraved on the metal and the silicon, to provide it optimum visibility. The last but not the least of Braccialetti con logo are those which comes with Pen Drives and is a great way to promote the brand, cause or event as pen drives are universally used these days.

The other form of Silicon Bracelet manufactured by Promobrace is the Personalized Silicon Bracelet or Braccialetti personalizzati, which off course, as the name suggests is a form of silicon bracelet which comes with your personal message to someone you love, respect, adore or see as role model. Braccialetti personalizzati can also carry your own message for causes you believe in and are made available to you by Promobrace at your request.

In short, one can say that Promobrace offers its customers wide range of choices while manufacturing silicon bracelets, for fashion, emotion, adoration, cause, events, promotion, parties and social gatherings with 100% silicon, which can be molded into any size or shape you want and that’s why promobrace is the one stop source of empowering you and your brand for promotion with Braccialetti in silicone in this age of publicity.

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