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             26 January, 2021

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You Can Save 60% of Your Time and Be The Boss

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2006-09-17 22:37:18     
Article by Robert Roy

How much are you working in your internet business. Owners everywhere are working seven days a week and doing all the daily tasks to keep it going. If it's not the paperwork that is burying you, it could be the computer issues. And naturally you here the old cliche, "I can't afford to hire someone...I barely make enough to pay myself!" You probably feel helpless!

The truth is, you need to hire help for those mundane tasks. This is especially true if those tasks require expertise you don't have. The truth is every minute you spend learning how to do something is precious time you could be spending on developing your business. Are you like me, I wasted so much time trying to do some web design that for $50 would have freed me up for another 6 hours.

Self-made millionaire, Cory Rudl, said the best business including internet business decision he'd ever made was to hire someone to help him. Although he was paying out almost half his earnings to his employee, that move freed him to develop his business into a money making machine, to the tune of millions of dollars.

You can do the same for your business, and it won't cost half your earnings either. Create "mini projects" you can hire a freelancer to do those chores and pay them for the hours you need them.

Creating those mini projects in your online business will take some effort at first. It means you have to stop and think before you tackle a task, "Is this something I have to do myself, or can I delegate it?" Even after getting started on a task, it's important to be aware of your time spent - if it takes you too long to do it, you're wasting your time! That's the signal to hire a freelancer who can do the job for you.

Although many freelancers can come to your business office, you can save even more money with "virtual assistants." The craze for virtual assistants has taken the Internet world by storm.

Virtual assistants are capable, competent people in every country who are looking for work they can do from their own office. And their rates are incredibly low. For $2 or $3 per hour, you can have your website developed, all your QuickBooks transactions entered, have a software program developed to make your life easier... the options are endless.

For a few more dollars per hour, you can hire the best available copywriters, marketing gurus, graphics designers...you name it. The key is to define your mini project, decide what you're willing to pay to have it done and get the word out.

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