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The Problems Facing by Business External Service Provider for Outsourcing Services

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2012-11-07 00:49:34     
Article by Alan Poly

Outsourcing is a relocating of specific business process to an expert external service provider. Sometimes it becomes difficult to an organization to hold all in-house business process properly.  Hence the organization need not engage inner professionals to handle the task. As soon as this task is outsourced to the service provider he will be responsible for the performing the task on behave of this organization. It will be his responsibility to sustain the company's importance.

Outsourcing has lots of profit for your organization but it is also important to know about the vendor to whom you are outsourcing if it is not outsourced to the right vendor or the service providers then you are going to face various complications.

The common outsourcing services are as follows

IT outsourcing.
Legal outsourcing.
Web designing and maintenance (SEO).
Business outsourcing services.
Knowledge outsourcing services

What are the factors responsible for outsourcing of the business process to India?
Lack in experienced labours for the business  process. Services provided are in cheap rates as compared to other countries. The labours over here are simple to work for 24x7 in low wages. The level of services achieved is outstanding. This will lead to the organization to concentrate on the crucial business process. These are the most common factors responsible for the business process.

The advantages of outsourcing are:-
Swiftness and Expertise: The tasks are outsourced to the service provider who is experienced and expertise in this field. This services provider also has a specific software and technologies expertise; this will lead to perform the task more rapidly and superior in quality as before.

Risk-sharing: In most of the vital factors the outsourcing of the certain business function helps the organisation to relocate certain responsibilities to the outsourced vendors. Since the outsourced vendor is specialized they will handle the risk for you for the betterment of organisation.

Reduced operation and reduction cost: This will help you eliminate the extra resources for internal process; it will also decrease the cost of the business up to the certain amount.

The outsourcing service also has the disadvantages:-
Confidentially:  There is a high risk exposure of the data; it will lead to leakage of the company information to the third party.

Hidden cost: Outsourcing is cost efficient but many a times when you are contracting beyond the boundaries when signing the contract this may possess hidden cost it may possess various problems.

Management: There will be huge distance between the production floor employees and management team. There will be no direct dealings between the organization and the employees.

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