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             24 October, 2020

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Green Cleaning and Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business

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2010-01-18 06:57:36     
Article by Cassandra Black

Green cleaning is the use of products and methods that are environmentally safe and friendly. It is a process that protects health and that doesn't harm the environment. Generally, products are used that won't make you sick, and the products are made of ingredients that have not harmed a soul. Eco cleaning is kinder, gentler, non-invasive cleaning, if you will.

Fad or Trend?

Every industry has fads and trends, and I, personally, don't believe cleaning green is a fad, but rather an industry trend that has fast-become "mainstream" and an expected option in certain areas of the cleaning industry.

On its website, ISSA (The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association) reported, "Green cleaning is arguably the number one trend in our industry and is showing no signs of slowing down."

To further highlight the importance of eco cleaning in the janitorial industry, Inc.com sited starting a green business as one of the top business start-up options to consider. And, the U.S.'s well-known previous VP, Al Gore, has created a dynasty around the importance of "green" and saving the environment.

Green Cleaning Networks

There are whole green cleaning networks out there for which membership is available to give your company validity in the industry. One was mentioned above: ISSA, The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association. ISSA has a whole section on their website dedicated to green cleaning.

Another such organization is the Green Cleaning Network. It's a nonprofit whose goal is the sharing of information and ideas, via online discussions, education forums and more in an effort to promote eco-type cleaning to the betterment of humans and the environment.

Should You Offer Green Cleaning?

Should you offer green cleaning as part of your foreclosure cleanup services? Hmmm, that's a personal preference. But I say, in the beginning, use the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Start-up! Besides, you will be concentrating on foreclosure cleanup, and right now, in the REO industry, banks and mortgage companies are concerned with property preservation, security and safety. I don't see them shelling out money on eco-friendly cleaning any time in the near future.

Remember, banks and mortgage companies want to get back to the business of lending money, not managing real estate, which is what many of them are having to do now with all the foreclosures on hand.

Besides, you will have enough on your hands in starting this business, getting organized, maintaining databases, giving estimates, etc., than you realize as a new venture. And, considering the times, and assuming you're doing most things right, you will start to grow quickly.

Feeling Passionate?

But, if you feel passionately about offering this service, by all means, offer it, tout it, go for it! But perhaps consider starting out offering certain elements of green cleaning instead of marketing your company as a full-fledged green cleaning company.

Ordering Products

Also, consider ordering your eco-friendly cleaning products from the smaller vendors that don't require a minimum order. This way, you may not have to buy in quantity, but you can still have the necessary products on hand and will be ready to offer "green" as part of your services.

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