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             28 February, 2024

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Deciding Whether to Get a Steel-Framed or Timber-Framed Kit Home

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2013-01-21 01:11:20     
Article by Ben Wall

In life, we are faced with many choices, from the shampoo we use on our hair to the type and model of cars we drive. These days, you can also include choosing the kind of house we build and live in among the things you have to decide about. The changing times due to the unstable economy and weather conditions brought about by changes in the environment have become significant factors as to where we should live and what kind of dwelling to live in.

Also, with so much talk going on about the state of the environment is in, more and more people are getting concerned about the materials they use to build their dream homes. While a sustainable home is ideal, the materials that you need to buy in order to achieve the look you want for your dream home, in addition to hiring the builders to help you can be a nightmare to contemplate.

This is why the advent of kit homes is such a welcome concept. Kit homes are less expensive than conventional homes and are easily customizable to fit all your requirements and preferences. They are designed to be either DIY projects or to be constructed on a sub-contract basis. When you purchase kit homes they already include the plans and specifications needed to erect them so that all the homeowner needs to do is obtain council approval and a site to erect their kit home on. If you’re interested about price ranges, you can find kit homes prices via valleykithomes.com.au so you can start calculating the budget you’ll need.

In addition to the kit homes’ obvious economic benefits, people also opt for these homes due to the positive impact they have as well on the environment. Because they are already pre-cut and pre-measured so that there are no wastes in lumber and other building materials, they can also be made to be further sustainable when you choose between timber-framed or steel-framed homes.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing between the two and it can be especially difficult given that there are only very minute differences. You can find these affordable eco kit homes in Valley Kit Homes but as to what is best for you that is another matter subject to further research. Timber is cheaper, more flexible and more sustainable since it contains lesser embodied energy and lower heat transfer than steel which means your home is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This also means it uses up less energy and therefore, you get lower energy bills.

Steel on the other hand, is stronger and lighter, more durable and not prone to termite infestations like timber. Steel also doesn’t need to be chemically-treated to last and has better earthing qualities that make it safe during electrical storms. As far as environmental impact is concerned, steel is fully recyclable and doesn’t contribute to landfill. If you look at both in this way, it seems that timber may be your best option so if you want to find timber kit homes here, these can be the basis for your choices.

Other factors that you can consider in your selection of between timber and steel can include the potential location of your kit home and your method of construction. Living in tropical areas where the air can be humid can affect both steel and timber as one can rot quickly if not treated with care and one can get rusty. If you are planning to do it yourself, timber is way more easier to work with as far as cutting and joining is concerned as you don’t need specialized tools to do this. With steel, you may need people who are experts on steel building since it is more difficult to handle and will require special tools to manipulate.

Kit homes are definitely the best options for homeowners on a budget. Find cheap kit homes via valleykithomes.com.au and be on your way to finding the home of your dreams without breaking the bank.

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