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             26 June, 2022

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10 Harmful Effects Of Cigarette Smoking

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2006-09-12 22:22:33     
Article by Daniel Delott

Have you seen the Truth commercials? Here are some more harmful effects of cigarette smoking.

Harmful Effects Of Cigarette Smoking #1: Yellow Teeth. Cigarette smoking will stain your teeth a dirty yellow/brown color. You can kiss your smile goodbye, once you've smoked cigarettes for too long.

Harmful Effects Of Cigarette Smoking #2: Infant death. Smoking during pregnancy can cause birth defects or death in a child. This is called Baby Colic.

Harmful Effects Of Cigarette Smoking #3: Cancer. 43 chemicals found in cigarette smoke have been clinically proven to cause cancer. Not only lung cancer, but mouth, bladder, and throat as well. Each pack of cigarettes is equivalent to 1 chest x-ray.

Harmful Effects Of Cigarette Smoking #4: Skin discoloration. Long-term smokers showed dull, grayish skin discoloration with deeper lines and wrinkles.

Harmful Effects Of Cigarette Smoking #5: Expenses. Smoking cigarettes can cost people tens of thousands a dollars a year.

Harmful Effects Of Cigarette Smoking #6: Pollution. Smoke from cigarettes contributes to world pollution, and many chemicals found in cigarette smoke aren't allowed in United States landfills.

Harmful Effects Of Cigarette Smoking #7: Gum disease and other oral problems.

Harmful Effects Of Cigarette Smoking #8: Smoking cigarettes can raise the likelihood that one will develop cataracts - capable of causing blindness.

Harmful Effects Of Cigarette Smoking #9: Infection. A smoker's body will be more likely to develop an infection in an open wound, as the immune system can be damaged.

Harmful Effects Of Cigarette Smoking #10: Early menopause. This stops the menstruation cycle in a woman. After menopause, a woman can't give birth.

Those are just 10 of the many harmful effects of cigarette smoking. There are thousands of reasons to quit if you smoke, and thousands of ways to do it.

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