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             10 June, 2023

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How Important Is To Last Longer In Bed For You?

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2006-09-12 22:22:09     
Article by Karen Medelis

This is a very interesting question. Latest studies have revealed that 93% of men don't last long enough in bed. And from that 93%, 90% of them are desperate men looking for solutions to the embarrasing problem. But guess what! Only 10% from that 90% find the right solution!

Why only 10% of those men find the right solution? It's because they go the wrong way. They look for non-natural solutions which can result on another problems. Non-natural solutions like gels, sprays, lotions, creams and products like those can hold you back from prejaculating, but I am sure it's not the way you want them to work.

Non-natural solutions, like the ones mentioned above, just take away the great feeling and sensitivity that you are supposed to experience when having sex. That is how they work. They just make you lose the great feeling that produces great amounts of pleasure. Sometimes you find it hard to stay erect!

What good does it make to last longer in bed that way? I mean, I am sure you want to give your lady pleasuring moments and satisfaction, but what good does it make if you don't enjoy the moment together?

If you would like to last longer in bed and enjoy pleasuring hours with your lady, you must look for natural solutions to the problem. Don't spend your money buying worthless products.

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