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             23 May, 2022

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The Drama Of Premature Ejaculation In A Man's Sex Life

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2007-02-05 22:36:20     
Article by N Young

Among the many sexual disfunctions a man can have during his active sexual life there is one that according to the statistics is the most prevalent in men around the world. This is what is known as premature ejaculation.

This condition can manifest even at early ages during men's life and it has been responsible of the breaking apart of many couples that can't endure the stress this kind of condition in a man brings to the couple's intimacy.

From day one, the feeling of having been "too fast" this time becomes the starting point to a progressive stress building process in the psyche of the man suffering from the condition. In the beginning it may seem as a temporary condition with outside factors influencing its appearance during intimacy. But as time passes the condition becomes worse until the build up of stress is shared by both partners and starts affecting the relation.

With no ejaculatory control the man will be always at the edge of a precipitated termination and with the woman being left unattended and frustrated by the lack of physical contact with his partner. He wants to last more but he can't do it, she wants more lasting too but his partner won't control his termination so the couple's situation will be a feedback of frustration and lack of a satisfactory intimacy.

This is not a good condition for anyone's life. No one can live in frustration forever. Thankfully nowadays there are methods to cure this premature ejaculation condition that will return the life to your nights. Just remember that the problem is in the mind. As soon as you fix your approach to intimacy you will regain the control of your sex life.

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