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             20 January, 2021

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The Obagi Blue Peel

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2006-09-11 20:24:07     
Article by David Maillie

Obagi blue peels are on every womans list of desired skin treatments. They have received tons of publicity in recent years for their skin rejuvenation abilities and top doctors and plastic surgeons from coast to coast have made it a mainstay of their anti aging skin care programs. Below we will discuss the positive results one can expect from a Obagi Blue Peel and the limitations that are also inherent with the Obagi Blue Peel.

The Obagi Blue Peel was invented by Dr. Obagi to be an indicator that would tell the doctors where it has been applied and where it hasn’t. It was also to be formulated as a weaker peel than a straight TCA peel so it would basically self neutralize and make it a very simple procedure. That is where the peel got its name, it has a blue cream mixture that basically dyes the face and thusly indicates where it has and has not been applied. Patients are told to expect this green or blue color on their face for the next few days until it peels off and reveals fresh, more youthful skin.

The Obagi Blue Peel is actually a cream that has no active ingredients other than the dye. It is mixed by the doctor or plastic surgeon with the desired concentration of trichloroacetic acid (which is obtained separately). The trichloroacetic acid or TCA becomes the actual active ingredient that gives a mild to medium chemical burn in the first several layers of skin. The TCA breaks and disrupts cellular bonds and results in peeling of the skin and a fresh, more youthful skin. TCA treats many skin problems or conditions usually associated with aging skin like wrinkles, sun spots, freckles, etc. It is interesting to also note that TCA has been found to be one of the most effective anti acne treatments known to doctors.

The Obagi Blue Peel has two slight limitations or inconveniences, though. Many people do not want to look green like a frog for several days as it is so severe a coloring that it cannot possibly be covered up with makeup. The other is that it tends to be weaker than a straight TCA peel and requires several applications to usually equal the results of one straight TCA peel. Now, it is important to note that a straight TCA peel does not have an indicator like dye, but it does have the ability to redden or white out on most skin types. This indicates that it has penetrated deep enough for a good peel and then needs to be neutralized.

The straight TCA Peel is currently used and favored by thousands of medical doctors, dermatologists and plastic surgeons for its ability to produce desired results in less than half the time of an Obagi Blue Peel. It also usually produces more profound results and requires fewer if any subsequent treatments. The Obagi Blue Peel is a good skin peel and does produce good results, but the straight TCA peel works quicker, is usually stronger and has better and longer lasting results making it the ultimate skin peel for any anti aging skin care regimen.

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