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             06 December, 2023

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"Youth" Deep In The Heart Of Man!

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2010-10-09 08:14:53     
Article by Howard Spring

Down deep in everyone is the desire, not only to look young, but to feel it also. One day I decided to write a list of things I really wanted for myself and decided to add youth to my list. Not about adding chemicals or Botox to my body, but how does feeling young come into play with body functions. "Youth" Deep In The Heart Of Man is a feeling of the things that creates being able to express yourself through your body, as well as through your personality. There is a an art to staying young and it is very simple to learn, it lies within yourself.

You don't have to look it (Botox etc.), you just need the personality to feel it. I found that if I have an active desire within, sooner or later I will have and show the outer expression for it. That something which gives this, is my indwelling spirit, and that spirit is the real me. It is the same yesterday, today and forever and is always ageless.

The four main attitudes of the mind that keeps it. are: Adaptability, Flexibility, change and Joy;

* Be adaptable! For the ability to adapt your old ideas to changing conditions will act as a barrier to time.

* The attitude of Joy! Joy to me goes hand in hand with all or most of my life doings. If you are to continue to stay thinking youthful, you must try to make every moment of your life enjoyable.

* You must be flexible and be able to change to what ever the situation is at hand, so you can adapt to it.

I remember reading somewhere that "Every cell in us thinks.". If we are tense and strained or upset about something, you must relax and let youth flow through you. Let go of everything you want and don't want, this will give you a gorgeous sense of freedom and will let the light of life shine through.

I do this with meditation, but some people may do it with a rosary or just plain prayer. What ever it takes, do it and you can stay youthful and young.

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I am just an 80 year old man that thinks he can pass a secret or two on to the world.

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