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             03 April, 2020

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Last Night I Dreamt About?

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2006-09-09 21:39:52     
Article by Mick Burrows

It must have happened to you, it seems to happen to all of us at some time. You’ll be doing something part way through the day and suddenly something will break your dream from the night before, but you only remember a part of the dream. It’s at this stage we often ask ourselves why was it that I couldn’t recall the dream upon waking? The average person, believe it or not, has about 3 to 5 dreams per night, but dream interpretation is made impossible when one is unable to remember the dreams. It is actually in our own hands to remember them and developing the necessary recall skills is an easy process and amounts to nothing more than a change of habit. For example: go to bed with a notepad and pen - you may often find that you wake up during the night with clear dream recall, so clear that you're convinced that you'll never forget it, only to find that by morning, recall is vague or absent.

So using keywords or sketches, scribble down some fragments of the dream. Visualisation is always a powerful process; by visualising yourself dreaming, waking up, jotting down your keywords, going back to sleep, waking up in the morning and recalling your dream again in full. The process will eventually become absolutely real for you. If you drink a lot of water before going to sleep, it will ensure that you will wake up with a full bladder and will provide a perfect opportunity to remember the last dream. Alternatively, set the alarm clock for an unusual time in the middle of the night, then jot down some keywords from the last dream. In due course the subconscious mind will begin to co-operate to this routine. If all of these methods don’t solve the problem of why don’t you always remember dreams upon waking, then try a conflicting approach by letting it go. Fretting about failed recall abilities is only likely to enhance it. Tell yourself that something, somewhere during the day will provide a cue when you least expect it and more often than not it does!

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