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             22 January, 2021

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Why Do Women Lose Hair - Answers Revealed

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2009-09-27 06:12:38     
Article by David Lebowe

There are various causes as to why women lose hair. The prime cause of female hair loss is diffuse hair loss.

Here, the pattern is diffuse in nature and this is often hereditary, although there may even be underlying causes that can affect this pattern of baldness. These include medications, medical conditions as well as other aspects.

The common cause of female hair loss is hereditary baldness or female pattern alopecia. This is genetic in nature and can come from the side of either parent. It is caused on account of the functions of a couple of enzymes such as the following:

* Aromatase: this is present generally in women
* Reductase: this is present in men and women alike

The effects of 5-alpha reductase are the main cause of the loss of hair in women although it is more common in men.

This is because this is an enzyme that transfers the testosterone hormone into DHT or dihydro testosterone which eats at the hair follicles by shrinking or miniaturizing the hair, leading to a gradual disappearance of the affected follicles.

In women, if 5-alpha reductase is the cause of loss of hair in women, it can be said that this is a hormone that is present in half the amount as it is present in men. They have higher levels of the aromatase enzyme especially in the front of the hair line.

The aromatase enzyme is the main ingredient that engenders the formation of female hormones called estradiol and estrone. It also reduces the development of DHT hormones.

The presence of the aromatase enzyme may explain why the hair loss pattern in women is different than that in males. This is true especially in the preservation of the front hair line.

As the cause of female hair loss, it may also define the aspects as to why women react poorly to the propecia drug which is used generally to prevent hair fall. Female hair is especially sensitive to the underlying medical conditions.

The cause of female hair loss is diffuse in nature and is often confused with genetic balding. It is important that the women with undiagnosed hair fall should be properly treated.

Conditions that Lead to Diffuse Baldness

* Obstetric and gynecologic cause the loss of hair in women like post partum and post menopausal states or tumors in the ovary.
* Iron deficiency or iron
* Thyroid
* Lupus or diseases of the connective tissue
* Nutritional cause of female hair loss such as malnutrition, crash dieting, bulimia, deficiency in calories and proteins, malabsorption, deficiency in essential fatty acids and zinc supplements, hyper vitaminosis A
* Stress is another important cause of female hair loss. They may result from severe emotional imbalance, surgeries, general anesthesia etc.

Drugs as Cause of Female Hair Loss (Diffuse Pattern)

* Anti coagulants or blood thinners like Warfin and Heparin
* Seizure medication like Dilantin
* Medicines for treating gout, alopurinol and colchicines like Xyloprim
* Medications for blood pressure like the Inderal b-blockers and diuretics
* Anti inflammatory drugs

David Lebowe is a long time user and passionate advocate of natural hair care products.

Specialized in: Naturally Regrow Hair - How To Regrow Hair - Regrow Your Hair Fast
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