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             13 May, 2021

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Is Creatine Safe? It May Even Be Good For You!

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2009-09-15 02:33:02     
Article by G. Hurst

You may be wondering about whether or not creatine is safe to include in one's plan to build muscle. Many people are concerned about the best way to build muscle fast, while still being safe. Numerous people think of using, creatine but wonder whether or not it is safe.

Studies have shown that when used correctly creatine, it is safe to use as a resource and supplement to your workout routine. This is not the case however if you are a child or teenager, as your body is still growing and developing. You'll need to take some things into consideration to make sure you do not consume too much. Consult a health professional for help determining the right amount based on your, age, weight, and height.

There are some side effects that can occur from creatine use, but they are mild and overall not harmful, thus reinforcing the fact that the use of creatine is safe. These side effects include muscle cramps, a sour stomach, mild dehydration and diarrhea. Someone experiencing these side effects may see them go away as soon as they lower the amount they are taking. It is also important to note that some positive health benefits have been discovered; long term use of creatine may be linked to a lower risk of type two diabetes and heart disease.

As you can see, there is little need to worry about whether or not creatine is safe and should be included as a supplement in your exercise program. In addition to few and uncommon side effects, there can also be some health benefits, above and beyond the gain in muscle. Keep in mind to consult a health professional and make sure you are consuming the correct amount, and creatine will be a fine addition to your workout regimen.

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