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             22 September, 2023

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Acai Berry Warning! - Learn How Get Months Worth of Potent Acai For Free

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2009-07-15 04:48:19     
Article by Michelle Celemencki

This is the most important "Acai Berry Warning" article that you will ever read and it will explain to you what acai to stay away from and also teach you how to not get scammed when you want to get free acai. There have been many complaints lately coming from frustrated customers explaining how they got scammed with these acai free-trial offers and it is very important to know some valuable information so you don't do what these uninformed consumers did.

Acai Berry Warning No. 1

Don't purchase your acai from smaller no-name companies because most of these companies use a very cheap method for producing and processing their acai known as "heat processing". This manufacturing method produces a poor acai product and is usually about 50 percent less effective than other regular methods. It would be wise to stick with larger companies that don't want to make a quick dollar by cutting corners and using this cheap method to make a horrible acai product.

Acai Berry Warning No. 2

Not knowing some vital information about acai free-trial offers will be the difference between getting scammed or getting many months worth of free acai without any complications.

What happens when you sign-up to one of these offers is that you will receive another bottle of acai at your doorstep after the initial free trial has ended and you will also have it automatically charged on your credit card. This is called "forced continuation" and it is written on the offers pages (in fine print) that you will have this happen to you. The problem that most of these complaining customers had is that they completely missed this tiny print and then had another batch of acai sent to them that they didn't ask for.

If they would have known the simple information in this acai berry warning article, they would have had no problem getting their acai for free without any headaches. All you have to do is just phone or email the acai company before the trial ends and just explain to them that you don't want another bottle delivered to you and they will be glad stop the "forced continuation". The fact is that an extremely small amount of people read the fine print or know this information and they trap many people this way, so having you contact them and asking to stop is no problem for them. I have done this with many acai companies and have had no problems getting many months worth of free acai. However, it is important that you do this and also try to contact them as soon as possible because the trial begins the day you sign-up, not the day you get your free package.

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