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             10 June, 2023

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Why Lab Tested CBD Oil is Crucial to Ensure Potency

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2019-04-04 12:28:16     
Article by Pura Cura

The modern market is saturated with CBD products. While these products run the gambit from beauty products and food to health products and beyond, the most commonly found is CBD oil. When the cannabidiol craze began a few years ago, dozens of specialty CBD stores popped up – and since then, many more have followed.

With a market so full of choices that, at first glance, appear equal, how does one go about choosing the best CBD oils? If there was only one factor that helps customers to make the right decision, it should be lab testing.

Why Lab Testing is Crucial

Most of the products you consume on a daily basis are tested in a lab to ensure that they are (a) what they claim to be, and (b) safe for human consumption. Unfortunately, CBD products are not currently regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – and this means you have no idea what you are getting.

But some CBD distributors have decided to go above and beyond current regulations (which are nothing, at the moment), and get their products lab tested so their current and potential customers know exactly what they are getting. Besides potency (which is discussed more in depth below), this also ensures the products are safe for human consumption.

As with any product, there is also a possibility – no matter how small – that contaminants can be introduced to the product during the manufacturing process. These contaminants might include microbials, bacteria, pesticides, and other foreign substances.

Third Party Testing vs In-House

Of course, when it comes to lab testing not all is equal. While any lab testing is a good step, customers should be wary of any in-house testing that occurs and should opt instead for third party lab testing whenever possible. Why?

When a company states that they do “in-house” or “on-site” lab testing, it means that the company has their own lab. Although it isn’t always the case, this can result in a biased report because the lab technicians are working for the CBD company. It is much more likely that small amounts of contaminants will fly under the radar, and even the risk of doctored results is significantly higher.

With third party testing, however, the results are guaranteed to be unbiased and accurate. This is because the lab doing the testing is unaffiliated with the company outside of the fact that they do their testing. It is at a different site, done by lab technicians who are not on the CBD company’s payroll.

Why Accurate Potency is Vital

This brings us to the big question: why is it vital to have an accurate potency rating in CBD oil? The most obvious answer is that this guarantees the product customers receive is exactly the one they wanted. A 100 mg CBD oil will be just that, and a 600 mg CBD oil will be 600 mg.

But it goes further than that. It is also a matter of safety. If a person is accustomedis accustomed to taking 100 mg of CBD at a time is suddenly (and accidentally) taking 1500 mg, this could pose an issue. The same goes for someone taking a higher dose who has a product which is lower than stated. They may no longer receive the results they have been taking the CBD oil for.

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