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             13 May, 2021

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The Correct Stance in the Golf Swing

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2009-07-25 08:05:22     
Article by Steve Gould

The Golf Stance and especially the ball position are interesting points that offer more than one solution.

Lets deal with the stance first of all. Most golfers will understand they need to stand the width of their shoulders. But what does that actually mean? If you draw a line from the outside of the shoulders it should hit the inside of the feet. This offers great stability and as the legs are splayed slightly it will suit almost all terrain.

Then there is the ball position. The golf swing is an arc rather than a straight line so therefore the ball position is crucial. One method is to start with the ball in the centre of you stance with the short irons and gradually progress towards the left heel, as the club gets longer.

The second method is to have a 3 positions method all irons 3 inches from the left heel, 2 ½ for the fairway woods and hybrids and 2inches from a wood from the tee. I see this one a s a simpler solution as it only has 3 position where the first option as many more.

All that been said the upper body plays an important role in creating the swing arc and the apec of that arc so some golfer have a 3 ball position method around the position of their left side of their chest.

Tee shots with a wood opposite the left armpit, Iron shots opposite the logo on your shirt or sweater if you have one and the fairway woods opposite a point between the 2.

Finally controlling the flight of the ball by altering the ball position is also another possibility but that's another story so we will leave that for another occasion.

So there we have it all we need now is a good pair of Golf Shoes and we are sorted.

We at GASP Systems try and give tips, tricks and industry best practices to help you improve you golf game for a more enjoyable experience.

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