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             04 March, 2021

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Keeping Your Garden Free Of Cats

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2009-03-31 05:54:34     
Article by Cristian Stan

If you want to make sure that cats don't get into your garden, the first step would be to secure the boundaries. For example, check for gaps in the fence and block them so that you don't make it too easy for the cat to get in. Because they're so agile, cats can easily jump high and over a fence. The solution to that is to buy a taut or string wire and put it on the top of the fence.

Once the cat gets in the garden, you might find it hard to get rid of her. A lot of people will simply use dogs, for the simple reason that cats and dogs don't get along. Dobermans and pit bulls are two races of dogs that are especially aggressive when they see cats. Simply seeing one of these types of dogs will make a cat run away.

Another thing that cats don't like is water. When you want to get rid of a cat, try using water on it to make it run away. Just squirting some water from a garden hose or a water bucket will do the trick. Once you've scared the cat a few times by using this method, he'll probably stop showing up. Just keep getting water on him each time he comes and he'll understand that he's not welcomed.

If you want to protect the plants in your garden, then you can try using mothballs, since cats don't stand their smell. You can place the mothballs near garden borders, around plants and near the fence. Besides mothballs, there are a few other repellents for cats, like tobacco, mustard oil, cayenne peppers, lemon grass oil, citronella oil and lavender oil.

Going to a local lawn or hardware store will also give you some more options, in the form of sprinklers that are activated by motion. Install a system like this in your garden, and when a cat enters the area the sprinklers will start shooting water. If the cat has this experience a few times while coming to your garden, it will eventually learn to stay out.

One other method of scaring cats that works very well is using devices that emit sound at high frequencies, which humans can't hear. There are a number of options out there that work on this principle. You can choose one that starts when it detects motion and another that keeps doing the noise all the time. Just make sure you check for the area that the device can cover. As long as it can protect the entire garden, it should be all you need to get rid of unwanted visitors.

There are a number of commercial options also, like products that use scents to make the cats avoid going into your garden. However, you shouldn't use such a product in the vicinity of your food crops. It's not recommended because these repellents have a lot of chemicals in them. Look for these products in local department stores.

Having a garden means that you can expect unwanted visitors from time to time. Cats and other types of animals will show up if you don't take some precautions. If you do take precautions, you can make them leave your garden alone. As I said here, the first step should be securing the fence, followed by using water. If none of these works, you can try some commercial repellents as a last resort.

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