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What Kind Of Food Does Your Pet Need?

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2009-02-17 06:51:50     
Article by Cristian Stan

Your life can be enhanced a lot by owning a pet, but you will have to give them as much attention as you would with a human being. One aspect of that care is the kind of food you give them to eat. Some people give their pets regular food that is meant for humans. Other will only give their pets special food. In this article we will talk about the kind of food that you need to give cats, dogs or rabbits.


You probably saw all those cartoons where rabbits enjoyed eating vegetables. In most cases, rabbits will have to eat food like carrots and lettuce on a regular basis. A lot of people give their rabbits only pellets but this type of food doesn't have enough fibres and can make the rabbit become obese. If the rabbit is to remain healthy, he will need to eat vegetables, hay and pellets.


Should a dog be fed with food that is meant for humans? The origin of dogs comes from wolves, which means that they have to eat meat on a regular basis. Even if human food has meat in it, it doesn't mean that it's the right type of food for a dog. However, it would be much better if you would give him food especially prepared for dogs, that has meat as its main component. But, it shouldn't be some substitute that is processed, but real meat.

The reason why dogs shouldn't eat human food is that the grease can easily block their arteries, since their digestive tracks are much more sensitive than human ones. Changing their food can cause upset stomachs and diarrhea for dogs. A healthy and tasty type of dog food is what they need, and you should stick with the same type of food every time. If you want to change the type of food at some point, you shouldn't do it at once, but over some time. You can spend up to half a month slowly changing the type of food that the dog eats. Once the dog is an adult, he should be given only one meal each day.


If you allow your cat do go outside, you will see that they are quite skilled in hunting. Birds and mice are just two of the types of prey they will get. If you give them cat food, it should have as many proteins as the cat needs. A cat's digestive system is quite sensitive, so you should try a few different types of food to see what works best. If you feel like the smell of the cat's litter box is bad, try changing the food of the cat. In most cases, the smell means that the diet doesn't suit them well.

Take up to half a month to change their type of food slowly. Also, you can give milk to your cats, but it should be milk that isn't processed, preferably bought from a pet store. A bit of chiese is another piece of the diet that a dog should have. If you see your cat eating grass it means that the stomach is a bit upset. Eating grass lets the cat cough up any hairballs they might've swallowed.

When you want to feed a pet, human food shouldn't be your first option. Go to pet stores and check there for what type of food your pet should eat. If you eat healthy, your dog should do the same thing. If you want your pet to live a long life, their food is a very important part of that.

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