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             27 October, 2021

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New Growth

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2006-08-20 18:22:42     
Article by Robert Prentice

Deep inside each of us is a seed, dormant and waiting for new growth. Just as that seedling breaks through the earth's crust on a spring day, we all must struggle and claw and dig our way out of our dark places of old habits and paradigms.

We each must seek after new growth in our lives, much like the seed seeks the light and warmth of the sunshine. It's not an easy task for the little seedling; neither is it an easy task for we human beings.

Recently I made a list of things in my life needing some serious effort. I am working on tearing up and ripping out the old, dead growth in the garden of my life to make way for healthy new growth in the areas of:

1. Budgeting and management of cash flow;
2. My tendency to procrastinate;
3. My health and weight loss.

I challenge you to find some area of your life needing a breakthrough. Maybe you have some of the same challenges as I do. Or maybe your struggling with poor time management or negative self-talk or maybe you are suffering from a lack of planning. Whatever it is that is holding you back from the success you feel you deserve, you can choose to make today your day of breakthrough.

I expect that you know by now, that you will need a plan of action. If I can be of help in anyway just let me know. I have several tools that I will be using and I am happy to share them with you. If anything is going to work, though, you must first begin with the list of areas in your life that are needing some serious effort. So, make your list this week and in the coming weeks I will be sharing a number of tools that will help us all.

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