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             08 August, 2022

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Electricity - How is it Generated?

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2009-01-13 07:58:38     
Article by Mark Holliday

Since the 1800's, electricity has been one of man's greatest achievements. Where does it come from and how does it get made into electricity? Some of our most common sources of electricity are fossil fuels, nuclear energy, water, wind generators, and solar energy. Here's how we turn energy from each of these sources into electrical energy:

Turbines turn the energy from each of these energy sources into electrical energy. Each of these sources of energy has a different way of moving the turbines and creating electricity.

Fossil fuels are burned in furnaces, with water inside, heating the water and creating huge amounts of water vapor. The vapor moves the blades of the turbines, creating electricity. As many people know, burning fossil fuels pollutes the atmosphere with large amounts of carbon dioxide. Many people are looking for cleaner, healthier, and safer alternative sources of electricity.

Water dams create electricity by using flowing river water to turn turbines. Turbines are put into a river, and the motion of the water turns the turbines and creates electricity. This is a much safer source of energy for the air, but unfortunately it negatively affects the ecosystems in the water.

Wind generators, such as windmills, use the energy of the wind to turn a turbine, creating electrical energy. The wind causes the blades to spin around, and the generator harnesses this energy and turns it into electricity.

Nuclear fission is used to create energy in a way that is similar to fossil fuels. Nuclear fission means splitting atoms apart, which creates large amounts of energy. To create electricity, Uranium is bombarded with neutrons, causing it to split. Once the Uranium nucleus has been split, even more neutrons are released, which split the Uranium nucleus even more. This creates chain reaction which generates a lot of heat. Like with fossil fuels, the heat is used to heat water and create vapor, which is used to turn a turbine and generate electricity.

Solar energy is used to create electricity by using solar panels. Solar panels capture the energy of the sun and turn the solar energy into electrical energy. This is one of the most environmentally safe methods of creating electricity.

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