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             22 September, 2023

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Getting Help With Your Chemistry From A Chemistry Tutor

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2011-04-07 01:26:04     
Article by Keith Jones

Chemistry is a difficult class to get through. It requires massive amounts of studying, and you must grasp many different strange concepts before you are able to truly understand the lessons. But it’s an important class to take, since it is a requirement for lots of degrees. It also provides many valuable knowledge foundations upon which you will base the information you learn in some future classes. So if you feel that you are not doing very well in your chemistry class, you should look into getting a tutor to help you out and give you the boost you need to succeed.

First you should inquire at your college, and find out if there are any sponsored tutoring programs. At many colleges, students can sign up to tutor other students, and receive extra credit for it (or do it as an assignment for some other class). If they are knowledgeable about the subject, and are able to teach well, then it can be a great way to learn the content without paying for a professional tutor. Ask at the student resource center of your school, and schedule an appointment to be tutored. If you feel that you can accomplish the level of intensive one on one studying that you want, then continue with it. Otherwise, try some other methods.

If you don’t mind doing your tutoring in a virtual setting, then you can find online tutors who are extremely well-versed in whatever subject you need help with. You can converse through instant text messages, whiteboard applications, video feeds, voice connections, and any combination of those. There are numerous tutoring services on the internet, each with its own unique offerings, and varied pricing. You can find chemistry tutoring for just a few dollars an hour, and converse with a well-educated tutor in India or China (as long as imperfect English doesn’t bother you). Or you can pay top dollar and get taught by professional tutors in America. It all depends on your budget, and what kind of tutoring you expect to get.

Another option is to self-tutor – basically, studying with the help of other resources. If your issue is memorization, then you can download free programs that allow you to enter terms in, then play memory games with them in order to learn whatever you want. Some will even use advanced memorization and association techniques to help imprint the concepts into your mind, and help you remember them for as long as you need to. You should try out a few different programs to find the one that fulfills your needs the best.

Sometimes students will be doing so poorly in a class that they will not understand even the most basic concepts. Other times, they will simply need to memorize a list of items to catch up with the class. Or maybe they just need a little reminder of the material. When picking a tutor, you need to analyze yourself to figure out where your needs are, then pick the service that fits those needs as best as possible.

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