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             26 November, 2020

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Find Out Which Type of Coffee Maker is the Best Coffee Maker

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2008-11-05 06:48:20     
Article by Martin Loader

There are several types of coffee makers around and these are the most commonly used.

Coffee Percolators

This must be the most difficult way to make coffee properly and oddly one of the most used methods. They are so popular because they are inexpensive to manufacture as it doesn't have many parts and is usually made out of cheap aluminum. Non electric types can be used anywhere so they are very versatile.

The required amount of water is placed at the bottom of the percolator. The coffee grounds are then placed in a basket that is suspended by a hollow tube. The water is heated and then pushed up through the center of the hollow tube. When the heated water gets to the top of the tube, it is dispersed by a spreader plate over the coffee grounds. The brewed coffee falls to the bottom of the percolator and the process begins all over again.

The problem with peculating coffee makers is that the water can get too hot for the coffee grounds and can spoil the flavor. It also should only be in contact with the grounds once for a longer time span, and not over and again for brief periods. If you don't want strong coffee made in a percolator, weak coffee is harder to achieve because it is so easy to let the process continue for too long.

Coffee Drip Brewers

This is another common coffee maker, and perhaps the best.

A chamber if filled with a measured amount of water. Inside the chamber there is a heating element that heats the water and when the water reaches a set temperature, a valve opens and lets the water pour over the coffee grounds.

The coffee grounds are placed into a filter that is usually made of paper. The heated water falls out under gravity onto and through the coffee grounds and into the collecting vessel.

There are a couple of problems. If you don't buy a quality drip brewer, the water does not get hot enough and fails to bring out the flavour of the coffee. The paper filters can sometimes mar the flavour of the coffee although you can purchase machines with metal and plastic filters that stop this problem.

For best results, only make enough coffee for what you need at the time because if it sits for too long in coffee makers with heated water reservoir, it can "cook" the coffee.

Up to 5 cup automatic drip coffee makers would probably be the best coffee maker for a convenience store or any food outlet as the coffee pots can hold a lot of cups of coffee as long as it used up quite quickly. A coffee maker with coffee bean grinder would also be a good choice where there is a lot of business as it will give the freshest tasting coffee as well as volume.

Coffee Press (French Press)

The most simple device to use, and one of the best too.

A press is normally made of glass or plastic. Simply put the coffee grounds into the jar, pour on water put on the lid and press down on the plunger. The plunger has a filter on the end of it that leaves the coffee ready for you to drink.

It's as easy as that.

Single Cup Coffee Brewers

Quite a new addition to the coffee world is the single cup brew coffee makers and in particular, pod coffee k-cups.

These individual portions are extremely convenient as they are very quick to prepare and you get a lovely cup of coffee every time. There is no mess or used coffee grounds to worry about either.

The disadvantage with the single cup brew coffee makers is that you have to buy a particular coffee machine to use a particular type of single serve portion. That in itself isn't really the problem, it's the fact that you are restricted to the type of coffee that the machine makers supply. You can't use your favorite coffee bean unless they actually use it for their machines. Right now the most popular combination seems to be using keurig coffee makers with discount k-cups.

There are a lot types of machines and actual machines themselves. They all create wonderful tasting coffee.

So if you bored with instant coffee and looking for a new coffee making experience? Consider looking at a taste explosion creating coffee machine. The Best Coffee Maker

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