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The Types of Tea Equipment Available for Brewing Gourmet Teas

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2009-10-05 05:13:25     
Article by Alex White

Using quality tea equipment is essential to brewing the perfect cup of gourmet tea. Tea equipment is not only a staple in the tea connoisseur's kitchen, but it also makes a great gift. Whether you're ready to explore the types of tea equipment available or you want to replace your current equipment in order to improve the quality of the tea you drink, here is a list of popular types of tea equipment that you can use to brew gourmet tea. These descriptions will help you make the decision of which tea equipment to purchase.

Tea Kettles
There is a vast variety of tea kettles to choose from on the market. However, they are rarely of good quality. Most tea kettles are made of cheap materials. When shopping for a tea kettle, important features to look for include a tight-fitting lid, quality material (avoid aluminum), and handles that don't get hot when the kettle is heated. You may choose to get a kettle that whistles for convenience but some people find the whistling annoying.

Do not put tea leaves inside of your tea kettle. Some people make the mistake of brewing their tea inside of the kettle itself. However, to make the best tasting, You should only add fresh filtered water to your kettle and steep the tea in another receptacle. Materials that are used to make tea kettles include copper, stainless steel, and glass. Electric tea kettles are also available if you favor a kettle that is modern and optimally convenient.

Tea Pots
Most gourmet tea connoisseurs recommend using a different tea pot for each type of tea you drink. This is because the technique for brewing a good cup of tea is different depending on the type of tea. Green teas are best brewed in a small tea pot from China or Japan. Porcelain 2 to 4-cup tea pots are appropriate for brewing black tea. Herbal gourmet teas look colorful and elegant when brewed in clear glass tea pots. The only downside of glass tea pots is that they lose their temperature fast.

Tea pots are most commonly made of ceramic or porcelain. Features to look for when shopping around for a tea pot include a tight-fitting lid, a spout that doesn't leak, a smooth surface, and balanced proportions. Tea pots make beautiful adornments and gifts as well.

The Yixing tea pot is a Chinese tea pot made of unique clay found only in the Yixing region of China. Yixing tea pots preserve the flavor of the tea you brew and after several years of brewing the same tea in a Yixing tea pot, it is said that you can simply pour hot water into the empty tea pot to brew your favorite tea!

Tea Infusers
Look for tea infusers that provide enough space for the tea leaves to expand and unfurl in the water. Ideally, tea infusers will fit an entire mug or fit deeply in a tea pot. If you primarily drink herbal gourmet teas, you should purchase a very fine infuser. Mesh wire infusers should be avoided because they are usually too small and thus do not allow the tea leaves to fully expand. There are many different types of tea infusers available including tea balls, tea spoons, and even bags.

Other Tea Accessories
Other accessories that will help you brew a delicious tasting cup of gourmet tea include tea cups, tea spoons, digital timers, and tea cozies. Tea cups come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. You may even choose to brew your tea inside of your tea cup using a tea mug that contains a fitted infuser. White tea cups can become discolored over time, particularly if you drink a lot of black tea. Ceramic tea pots are good because they retain the tea's heat for longer. And like tea pots, tea cups make great gifts.

Tea spoons are convenient to have because they enable you to measure the appropriate amount of loose leaf gourmet teas to brew. Digital timers can also come in handy if you want to be sure that you are steeping your gourmet teas for the right amount of time. Thermometers enable you to measure the temperature of the water you use to brew your tea. They can be convenient if you frequently drink teas like green or white tea, which require lower temperature water. You may also want a tea cozy to keep your tea pot warm so you won't have to reheat your tea and ruin its flavor. Tea cozies are the perfect accessory to have on hand during tea parties. It's also a good idea to purchase a tea container with a tight-fitting lid in order to store your loose leaf gourmet teas. A container with a tight-fitting lid will help you keep your tea fresh and prevent it from getting stale.

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