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             05 December, 2022

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What You Need to Know When Applying For a Lease With Bad Credit

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2008-11-01 08:32:19     
Article by John C. White

Did you know you might not be able to sign a lease with bad credit? This is true in many places. There are so many people who are checking credit scores now to determine a person's financial stability. It used to be that the only time your credit score was checked was when you applied for a loan or bought a house. The times are changing.

Now your credit history can be pulled for many reasons. Direct TV and Dish Network both run a credit check to determine what your deposit will be when installing satellite television. Other utility companies, like the telephone company, or electric company also do credit checks to determine deposits.

Some employers will check a credit file to determine if the job applicant is trustworthy. Many banks will not hire someone who has filed bankruptcy or had other financial problems. Some other companies are the same way. Usually these are companies in which the job applicant will be handling money or would be in charge of finances.

There are certain parts of the world, like in the UK, where someone who has filed bankruptcy cannot hold a position in parliament. Credit files are becoming more and more important in every day life.

Certain housing complexes will do a credit check to determine if you have ever been evicted. When trying to get a lease with bad credit, your chances may be limited. Other landlords are becoming stricter when it comes to screening tenants. Being able to check an applicant's credit file allows the landlord to see if there are past utility bills or other rental obligations the potential tenant had problems with. The credit file has become almost as important as a background check or police file.

When you apply for a lease, bad credit can lower your chances of getting it. However if you do not have bad credit and it is the credit history that was cited as the reason for denial, ask questions. You can obtain a copy of your credit report. This will allow you to see what others are looking at when it comes to your credit history. You can see if there is any information on there which should not be.

You have the ability to challenge any false or wrong information, but you must do so in writing. The credit reporting agencies are obligated to start an investigation to determine if the information is wrong. While the investigation is going on, the information will be removed from the credit history. If the information is found to be wrong, it will stay off. If the information is found to be accurate, the information will be put back on your file.

When you are denied a lease because of bad credit, you can take some action. Explain to the landlord the circumstances pertaining to the bad credit, lease for a shorter term to show your credit worthiness, or find a complex which does not require a tenant credit check. http://www.protect-your-credit.com can help you get started with your research.

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