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             28 February, 2024

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Why Rentals Rates Are What They Are

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2008-05-20 07:54:00     
Article by Kamyar Shah

One of the most popular responses we hear from a customer who needs to rent a storage space is the ever so popular statement that they are just shopping for self storage rental rates. They want to find a self storage facility with the best self storage rental rates that can possibly be offered.

That statement in itself tells you that most likely this sort of prospective customer does not have enough information regarding the self storage business, and everything that comes with it, if all they want to know are the self storage rental rates. Yes, self storage rental rates are important and they will play a big part in the customers quest while searching for a storage unit where they can tuck away all of their little goodies for which they can not bare to see themselves without.

However, there are many factors that will affect self storage rental rates and the average storage shopper does not have any idea why one store is more expensive than another store. They simply have the phone book out in front of them, while they start from the beginning of the list and work their way down the listings of stores, asking the same question. What is your self storage rental rates like? And if you do not inform them on what they get for their money, then they will continue to call until they find the cheapest self storage rental rates. However as we all know, cheaper is not always better. Actually it rarely ever is. This is why it is so important to let them know why the cost is what it is. Especially, if they are storing their most prized possessions. Many times callers will tell you that they do not care about amenities and the features of the store, yet you have to wonder why they would bother to store their items then.

If that were true, then why go through the hassle of opening the telephone book? Why not just throw all of those items away and not worry about even searching for a place to store it? Because they do care. It is usually because they have an emotional attachment to it. And this is just the reason why it should matter to the customer as to why self storage rental rates are what they are.

They need to know what they can expect for from renting with you. Give them all of the fine details, the little tidbits and the ins and outs of your property. You need to educate them in order to have your property gain some respect as the knowledgeable storage facility that can help with all of their needs, even if it is simply giving them the benefits and features of the property. If the next store does not explain to them why they charge the self storage rental rates they charge, they will likely call you back. Give them the information that the previous storage facility may not have given them. Why? Because each property is different. It is just like comparing one hamburger fast food service to another fast food hamburger service. Although they are both burger joints, they offer 2 entirely different burgers. The product may be the same idea overall, however the tastes are different, the looks are different and the prices are different. The same goes for self storage rental rates. Just make sure the caller is comparing apples to apples to get a true comparison and not apples to oranges.

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