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             26 January, 2021

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Communicating With Your Online Logo Designer

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2008-10-04 04:44:15     
Article by Steve Sutherland

Nobody understands you business like you do.

To make sure that your online logo designer understands your company's needs and requirements for a logo design you should give them as much detail about your company as possible.

When you place an order for an online logo package you will be given a briefing form to complete. It is important that you take the time to fill this in carefully to assist your designer with the design process.

Some of the information that you should consider including on the custom logo brief include the following.

Nature of your Company

Firstly, you should offer your designer a company profile and you should let him or her know what your company does and the industry that your company is working in.

Try to describe your company brand, or the brand that you hope to develop to the logo designer by using words such as modern, trustworthy, great customer service etc to help them fully understand you.

Make sure that the designer knows your company name. It seems like doing a spelling check would be an obvious idea but it is amazing how many times design work has to be redone (sometimes at the customers expense) due to oversights in spelling, grammar and punctuation.


What image do you want to project to your customers? You can also brainstorm to put together a list of words that describes the customers that you are targeting in detail.

Design Preferences

Let your logo design company know what you prefer in terms of design style, color and font. Not only should you let them know what you want but you should also let them know if there is anything that you definitely don't want.

What do you need the Logo for?

Is the logo required for all purposes? If it is just a logo for a website or some other specific use then this information can help the logo designer immensely.

Offer Examples

Refer your logo designer to other logos that you like so that he or she has some idea of your preferences.

What is your Company's Unique Value Proposition

Let your logo designer know how you differ from your competition. Identify your business's unique value proposition, which is the way that you distinguish your company within your industry. Are you competing on price, service, delivery time or any other factors?

Communication is key to getting the logo that you want. Spending the time to fully inform your designer right at the beginning of the design process will save you time, headaches and money in the long run.

At his site http://www.Logo-Reviews.com Steve Sutherland has compared some of the top online custom logo design websites.

His site also includes a growing collection of articles covering everything that you need to know about getting a logo online. See - http://www.logo-reviews.com/articles/

Steve Sutherland has experience running a variety of small businesses. Passionate about helping others get started in business he writes on several business related topics including logo design.

Specialized in: Communicating - Online Logo Designer
URL: http://www.logo-reviews.com
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