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             27 February, 2020

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Time-Management - Solution to Wipe-Out Tardiness

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2008-09-08 01:49:35     
Article by Cheriz Jay

Today is Monday. The clock alarmed at exactly five in the morning, but you still feel like sleeping. Irritated, you grabbed the poor clock, turned it off, and put it face down. You dozed off for another 30 minutes. Suddenly, you realized that you have work today, and surely you'll be late again! You almost jump out of the bed and dragged yourself into the bathroom, brushed your teeth, took a bath, then dressed up.

You keep on looking at the wall clock while you search hysterically for the keys. After five minutes, at last you found them. You grabbed your bag and hurried towards the front door. Then, for the last time, you took another glimpse at the wall clock.

You started the car engine and drove as if you are a fugitive being chased by a bunch of policemen. You can now imagine your Boss' crumpled face and his apparently authoritative index finger tapping at his very expensive Rolex watch. Oh no! You are wired...again!

Tardiness is truly a problem for some people who lack the skills in time-management. Being late is not exclusive on matters of attendance. This factor is also one of the top-most things that are being considered in gauging performance, specifically when it comes to the timely submission or completion of the assigned tasks.

With the proper time-management techniques, tardiness can be effectively eliminated. There are two things that matter in wise time-management: 1) time allocation and 2) time awareness.

1) TIME ALLOCATION. Allocate your time depending on your priorities. Being late for several times a month or worse several times a week does not leave a good impression. You have to know what your priorities are. Spend more time on the things that you really need to accomplish and reduce your time spent on less important things like partying, watching television or going to the movies very late at night, long chit chat with friends or boyfriends/girlfriends, etc. It is not that you have to leave a life of boredom and isolation, but the point is wise time allocation really matters. If you perceived that you might possibly stay up late because you have to finish some activities, then, just make sure that will wake up the next day by the time that you exactly set. Otherwise, go get enough sleep. Conserve your energy so that you will be able to wake up early and be at school or work early.

2) TIME AWARENESS. After setting you priorities and allocating your time, you have to set a deadline for yourself. If you say that I should be able to finish dinner preparation by 7:00 PM, then finish the preparation by 7:00 PM, or much better if you will be able to have it done before 7:00 PM. If your goal is to finish your homework by 10:30 PM, then cut your hands off the PlayStation and start with your homework. If you say that you should be able to submit the report to your Boss before lunch then do everything within your means to beat your own deadline.

These things may be difficult to implement at the start. However, if you will only give them a try, punctuality at all times will be guaranteed. Many people will notice the big improvement and you yourself will surely feel the big satisfaction on what you have achieved.

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