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             28 January, 2021

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Using Positive Thinking To Achieve Your Targets

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2007-10-24 04:46:00     
Article by Jerome Sherman

If you are reaching toward a tricky target, such as weight loss, breaking a bad habit or receiving promotion at work you can find yourself overwhelmed by negative thoughts. Sad to say these negative thoughts can keep you from ever achieving your goals. However, if you take the time which is needed to learn more about positive thinking and to apply a number of positive thinking techniques, you can have a very much simpler time reaching your targets.

If you are like most of us then you start a project or set yourself a target with a great deal of determination and motivation. When you set yourself a goal, you wish that change to happen in your life and you are determined to make it happen. However determination and motivation are simply a small piece of the puzzle. These feelings can fast fade away if they aren't reinforced by positive thinking and affirmations.

If you start to think on negative terms about your targets and ambitions then your motivation and purpose will vanish completely. All of a sudden the targets and dreams that you have set yourself will appear to be unattainable. You will find yourself simply overwhelmed with the steps that you are going to have to take in order to to achieve your target. Your motivation will disintegrate and you will be back at square one.

Positive thinking can assist you in holding onto your feelings of motivation and determination and provide you with the state of mind which is necessary to achieve any target you set for yourself. There are a host of techniques that you can use to stay positive and motivated as you are working towards your target.

As you are working to achieve a target you will be able to use a variety of positive thinking techniques to assist you along your way. You will find that you are increasingly determined and motivated and that your confidence will improve day by day. Training yourself to think positively will give you the most important tool you need to achieve anything in your life - a sense of self-worth and success.

Start every day by mentally listing all the strides that you have made so far towards achieving your target. This will have the affect of putting you into a positive thinking state of mind ready to take the next step towards the completion of your project. When you break your task up into smaller tasks then you can celebrate a number of accomplishments on the road to the end result. Reaching each minor target along the road will boost your confidence and provide you with even more ammunition to combat any negative thoughts which might arise.

If you feel negativity starting to creep into your mind then you ought to counter these negative thoughts with positive reinforcement. Continually telling yourself that you are able to do it and then acting on those positive thoughts is the secret to achieving your goals through positive thinking. Thoughts are simply the basis for reaching your targets and acting on these thoughts is what produces actual results.

Do not merely rely on self contained thoughts for positive thinking and voice your thoughts to others who will give you plenty of encouragement. If your target is to lose weight then tell your friends exactly how many pounds you are attempting to lose and just how well you have done at this point. Their encouragement will give you a true sense of achievement and also assist in feeding your confidence.

Although positive thinking alone is not going to get you to your target, it is a powerful tool which can help you to succeed. Not only will it increase your confidence, but it will also make you into a far happier person and happy and confident individuals are invariably more successful at anything which they try. Try tackling the next major target in your life with a positive attitude and see just how much simpler reaching your objective becomes. For more information on positive thinking and to network with individuals who have mastered the art of positive thinking and "law of attraction" please visit PositivitySpace.com

Jerome Sherman is a native of The Bahamas and a successful entrepreneur, both in the online and offline worlds. For further tips and techniques such as those in this article, please click here: PositivitySpace.com

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