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             31 May, 2020

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Walking in the Spirit - How to Stay Peaceful With Prayer

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2008-09-06 04:05:22     
Article by Lisa Buldo

Staying peaceful is such a great subject. When we can master this, we have mastered ourselves. We are really walking in spiritual maturity and walking in the spirit. It can take a long time, but we can definitely learn to stay peaceful, even when the storms of life come.

But how do we do it? First, it comes from putting our trust and confidence in the Lord, the only one that can truly help us. When we realize that He really is in control of our lives, and that He holds the entire universe in His hands, then it's easy to trust Him and stay peaceful.

It is a process that takes time and practice. But we can do it. Jesus wouldn't have told us that we can have the peace that passes all understanding if it weren't true. Jesus said He would give us His peace that passes all understanding. I know in my own life He does exactly that. There have been times when all I felt like doing was crying because I felt I had no control over a situation, but after talking and praying to Him, I felt this peace and comfort that could only be God. There is nothing like it. And the more you go to Him and spend time with Him, the more He will put His loving arms around you and truly comfort you. There is no comfort like God's comfort when you are feeling so down.

Another goal for us is that we must purposely strive for peace. God tells us, "Blessed are the peacemakers." We must strive for peace because wherever there is strife, there is no peace, and prayers are hindered. That's another reason the Lord says, "Don't let the sun go down and you are angry." He says that because if we go to bed angry or with ill feelings towards someone, not only do we block our own blessings, but our prayers are hindered. I do NOT want my prayers hindered. Do you?

Husbands, seek to understand your wives and treat them kindly so that your prayers will not be hindered. Likewise, wives, don't go to bed angry at your husbands.

So how do you stay peaceful when there is chaos all around you or when all hell is breaking loose? You get alone with God. That's how. There is power when you are on your knees alone with Him. You pour your heart out to Him and ask Him to give you wisdom on how to deal with the situation at hand, and He will give you wisdom. The Bible says He will pour out His wisdom to anyone who asks. Obviously, if you are asking, you are sincere in wanting God's will in your life. He will guide and direct your path, and He will honor your desire to please Him in staying peaceful.

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