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             10 August, 2022

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How to Clean a Bicycle Completely?

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2008-07-20 06:36:01     
Article by Markus Skupeika

Keeping a bike clean and rust free for a long time is not a very tough and time taking job if you have the right equipments and if you know how to clean a bike properly. If you are a first time bike cleaner, do not worry, it is as simple as riding the bike

People often ask, what should be the frequency of cleaning a bike It completely depends on your riding habits and location. If you drive through salty or muddy conditions or if you need to keep your bike outside, you may need to clean the bike often. Normally, cleaning the bike at least once a month is always recommended.

However, apart from these regular cleanings, you should also go for an end to end cleaning at least once a year.

Hanging a bike from a tree while cleaning it is never a good solution; it is always better to buy a bike stand for easy cleaning. Hanging a bike by the tree makes the whole process more time consuming and tough. Apart from that you also need some cleaners and lubricants along with clean soft cloth to clean your bike properly. However, while selecting a cleaner, look for multipurpose organic rust remover for metal. Some people use car shampoo or other similar products to clean a bike At the same time some people use simple water to wipe clean the bike However, none of these methods are generally recommended by most of the seasoned bikers and maintenance professionals. An organic rust cleaner will not only clean your bike it would also make sure that your bike does not get rusted.

If it is a regular cleaning, you can simply wipe the bike with the cleaner and wax it. You will find some good quality wax in a nearby cycle store. However, while selecting a wax, do not go for the car wax. You can easily find some good quality bike wax for your bicycle.

At the end of the cleaning, do not forget to use grease or other lubricants. You can also use some color coating to fix rust problems. However, a lot of new bikers make a great mistake here. They think that using a lot of lubricants is good for their bike On the contrary excess lubricant will attract more dust and dirt particle and would harm the bike's performance in near future.

If you are going for the yearly cleaning, the process may take you some more time. At first mount the bike on the bike stand and remove all the parts (hope that you are confident enough to reinstall all parts otherwise contact your local bike shop). Now use some degreaser to remove grease from different parts of the bike like bearings, chain etc. Now clean all the parts with some organic rust removers that you have already bought for regular cleaning. You should give proper attention to the chain and chain wheel.

After you have cleaned the bike properly use some lubricant and reinstall all the parts back. Do not leave any bolts and nuts loose as it may cause huge problem later on while you are riding the bike

You can also try interchanging wheels but in case of tire, keep the healthy one in the rear wheel.

That's it - you are ready to roll with a beautiful bike.

Why should you select organic rust removers to remove rust from metal?

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