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Cycling Shorts, Tights and Trousers

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2007-12-12 06:15:20     
Article by Sunil Tanna

In mild weather, clothing is mainly a matter of convenience. Yes you want to wear shoes that are comfortable to pedal in, and yes you don't clothing that is likely to tangled up with your bike chain, but aside from that you can pretty much wear whatever you like.

On the other hand, if the weather is very hot, very cold or wet, then you need to take your choice of clothing more seriously, especially as regards those clothes that you choose to wear on your lower half.

Cycling shorts are quite simply one of the best options, and something you really need to try. Don't be deterred by the fact that they look ridiculous in the shop, or that you feel odd (because of all the padding) wearing them the first time. The thing to remember is that they will keep you comfortable in the saddle, even if you ride your bike all day. Surely avoiding what could be a literal pain in the bottom is worth it? Furthermore if you're embarrassed about the amout that cycling shorts reveal, or if you find their tight fit to be unflattering, you can always wear baggy shorts or a skirt on top of them.

Cycling shorts are usually specifically designed for men's and women's different figures, but beyond that the choice can be quite confusing. The trouble is that expensive shorts often look almost identical to the cheapest ones in the store. Closer examination will however reveal the differences - the fabric - more expensive shorts are generally made from more breathable materials to help keep you cool and dry - and the sophistication of the padding.

If you're commuting to work, you probably want to change when you arrive. Apart from not forcing your colleagues to endure a sweaty smell, cycling shorts probably don't look professional in the office and indeed you may not feel comfortable wearing them all day. If your employer provides changing facilities and showers you can use those, otherwise it'll have to be a quick change in the lavatory.

On cold days, cycling shorts by themselves are probably not enough to keep you warm, even if you cycle as fast as you can. For this reason, you may wish to consider tights, and if you do wear tights, remember they should go on top of the cycling shorts, and not underneath. In very cold weather, you should consider wearing tights with a fleecy lining, and take care to ensure that your ankles are covered even when your knees are bent (if necessary get longer tights).

In wet weather, you'll probably want to try to keep dry, so in these conditions you can consider wearing baggy waterproof trousers over your shorts. Be sure to choose trousers that are breathable, or you'll just end-up horribly sweaty.

By S. Tanna. First published at http://www.guide2cycling.com/p1_articles_kit_shorts.php

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